AWAY: Going home to Buenos Aires

Dear readers,
I’ll be away for a while… back to my hometown after 10 years.
Will bring back lots of chill time photos in “confiterias” and “mate” with friends.

I’ve prepared my tummy for all the “Asado“, “Empanadas“, “Churros“, “Helado“, “Choripan“. “Dulce de leche“, “Malbec“, “Alfajores” and so much more that’s coming my way.
In the meantime, if you want to sort of go along the ride with me, the links above will give you recipes and such. Also, here are some Argentinean restaurants in NYC I recommend: (nothing will be like home, but this is close)
• For good steaks and all things meat (don’t forget putting chimichurri on your medium rare steak):
• For good chorizo or Argentinean sausage: