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50 Days of Summer in Japan

chubbychinesegirl - 50 days of summer in japan 3

Dear Food Diary:
Last Friday I said sayonara to my job of 10+ years and started this much needed sabbatical. To recharge, travel and of course blog for a living (sorta).

I’ve been craving this time off, with no definite plan of where I would end up. Only that I wanted to travel and spend some quality time with my family. But, right after I handed in my resignation letter, everything just fell into place. StalkerBoy got sent to Tokyo for work and it was the perfect opportunity to tag along (free housing) for 50 days.

Here are my days as a full time blogger…

[ HOKKAIDO ] Shogetsu Grand Hotel: Seasonal Menu & Hot Spring

Shogetsu Grand Hotel - breakfast

Dear Food Diary:
After Nijo Market and Moerenuma Park, it was finally time to check into our hotel and enjoy the natural hot springs with a proper massage.  An indoor and outdoor bath with free flowing hot spring water, so soothing after a long day.

At Shogetsu Grand Hotel, our breakfast and dinners were included. The multi-course seasonal set menus were fantastic. And a honey buffet bar – perfect for afternoon tea time.

Needless to say, we were completely pampered.

[ HOKKAIDO ] Nijo Market & Moerenuma Park by Noguchi

hokkaido - day 1

Dear Food Diary:
Being in the midst of the hustle and bustle in Ahihabara and Tokyo (specially during rush hour), Hokkaido gave us a much needed peaceful break. Cleaner air, vast open spaces and time to connect with nature.

Not only that, but Hokkaido uni aka sea urchin (my love) and milk are considered to be some of the best in the world.

[TOKYO] Day 28: Curry House CoCo & Ginnoan Black Taiyaki

Coco Curry 2

Dear Food Diary:
After a few week in Tokyo, I’m still constantly surprised by all the simple and inexpensive pleasures. Case in point, Coco Curry –  shops all over Tokyo, sorta like a “fast food” chain, but what they serve is anything but fast food to me. The quality far exceeds any katsu curry I’ve had in NY.

And let’s not forget the cute fish shaped taiyaki which translates to baked sea bream. A sweet treat anytime of the day.

Cheap & good eats make me so shiawasena (happy).

[TOKYO] TORI TAMA: No limit chicken tasting. Sashimi and unformed egg.

Tori Tama

Dear Food Diary:
If you ever thought getting a reservation in NYC was hard, try Japan with zero Japanese. It’s almost impossible.

We wouldn’t have gotten to eat at this amazing chicken spot if my friend Y (a local) wasn’t in Tokyo. To get us into Tori Tama, she called several times just to be on the waiting list and when seats opened up, she begged the Japanese locals who were first on the list to let her “american” friends try this no limit chicken yakitori and sashimi place before leaving.

One of my favorite and most unique meals in Tokyo. I didn’t even know chicken had so many parts and textures.

[TOKYO] Asakusa: temple, ramen, snacks and souvenirs

Asakusa - Kaminarimon Temple Gate

Dear Food Diary:
Asakusa is one of the “must” for anyone visiting Tokyo. With tons of shops, side streets and alleys. The Kuminarimon temple gate, Nakamise traditional shopping street, Gojunoto five story pagoda and anything from sweets to savory. Plus, souvenirs for everyone on your list.

The first time I visited (5 years ago) was a complete visual overload and blur. This time around, I brought StalkerBoy (the pixelated version in the photo is the only one he allows to show) and as people visited us, like any good host, I went along. After a few visits, I compiled some of my favorites, from ramen to snacks.