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Butter: First taste of 2010 Restaurant Week

Dear Food Diary:
Restaurant week is upon us once again. Time to check off a couple more places I’ve had on my list but never found a reason to go. I’m a fan of Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli (love her on Food Network’s “Best thing you ever ate”, as she describes the food it makes me drool, and I met her at a Taste of NY event, her shrimp dish was memorably yummy). Surely I was pretty excited about the night.

Brooklyn Edible Social Club: dinner at a long lost friend’s I’ve never met

Dear Food Diary:
Saturday I was on the F train for exactly 1 hour and 40 minutes, just to fill my curiosity and keep my taste buds entertained. This is my second Supper Club dinner experience, thanks to my friend Yvonne, who’s the author of the blog underground dining. She raved about her first experience with this Brooklyn Edible Social Club (five course dinners parties for about 12 guests), and since she lives for these events, I trusted her.

Nougatine at Jean Georges: pleasant lunch

Dear Food Diary:
Last weekend was a real happy one, my buddy was back in town visiting. She moved to LA for work a couple month ago and we miss each others company and all of our hang outs. So I suggested to meet at Nougatine on Sunday for a nice late lunch, while we catch up.
In the heart of Columbus Circle, inside the Trump building, you walk into a pool of beautiful leaves and plants over water, and immediately greeted and seated by the hostesses. The place is very airy, but smaller than I had imagined. The afternoon sun brightened the dining room through floor to ceiling windows.

Le relais de Venise L’Entrecote: Parisian steak in NY

Dear Food Diary:
I fell in love with Le relais Venise L’Entrecote steakhouse in Paris during our trip last November. We knew there was a reason the line was out the door on a cold and rainy day. Average wait time 30min. When my travel buddy heard about the opening in New York, we made reservations asap for opening day.