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Boulud Sud: Grapefruit Givre is the perfect summer dessert

boulud sud

Dear Food Diary:
The night before StalkerBoy left for Tokyo, we celebrated his new adventures with dinner at Boulud Sud. He originally was planning to pack, but somehow we found ourselves sans reservation, sitting at their cafe (same menu).

Way back when we first started dating, he had taken me to Daniel, we found it underwhelming. But this is Daniel’s take on Mediterranean cuisine and we figured it was worth a try.

Akdeniz: Great Mediterranean Turkish in Midtown

akdeniz restaurant

Dear Food Diary:
My long time friend from Argentina requested Turkish food for our dinner date. Aside from my visit to Istanbul, I ever really “craved” Turkish when I’m in NYC. This turned out to be a good way to try something new. Akdeniz Restaurant had some good reviews and it’s close to work. Didn’t give it much thought.

To my surprise, the food was excellent. This could be my new lunch stop. Definitely a good place for a pre-theater meal. It’s not actually in Times Square, but close enough. The Turkish meatballs were solid and rather similar to some of the ones I had on my trip.

ilili: share a bunch of mezza, veggies and skip the main

ilili 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s unusual for me to be praising vegetables, but at ilili, they do it so well, it’s hard for me to contain my excitement. Yes! for veggies, go figure! If I were to go vegetarian, they would be to blame (ok maybe, that’s pushing it, but you get the idea). And I guess if I ate lamb, I would probably rave about it as well, like the way my ChubbyFriends have.

THALASSA: Greek and Mediterranean in Tribeca

Thalassa 1
Dear Food Diary:
A couple Tuesdays ago, I was invited to a press dinner at Thalassa. If you’ve seen my list of restaurants, you’d notice Greek and Mediterranean is somewhat absent, so I welcomed the invitation with an open tummy.

Naya Express: my office’s new lunch addiction

naya express 1
Dear Food Diary:
My first lunch back from vacation had to be from Naya Express, the Lebanese spot on 3rd ave. Before Naya, I’ve never had Lebanese food and now my co-workers and I are addicted. We eat it at least twice a week, not counting late night dinners if we work late. Yes, I’ll admit it, my name is Chubby and I’m a Naya-holic.