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ICY TASTE-OFF: Wooly’s vs Shaved Ice Shop

woolys vs shaved ice shop 2
Dear Food Diary:
Shaved ice or BaoBing (in chinese) is one of my favorite treats during hot summer days. Until recent years, shaved ice was mostly found in Flushing. In chinatown my spot was UiUi, but while their toppings are super Taiwanese and traditional (which I love), the ice is too rocky in texture. Now that the city has been served proper shaved ice, I’m glad to report that I’ve finally found the perfect fluffy snow ice. Here’s the taste-off of the two shaved ices “stands”:

Gelato Taste-Off: AMORINO vs GROM

grom vs amorino gelato

Dear Food Diary:
I grew up on gelato and this sweet treat remains as one of my all time favorites. A couple years ago, when Grom opened in the West Village, I was immediately hooked. Nothing so far has come to replace its number one spot. Amorino came to town a couple weeks ago, I stopped by opening day… let the taste-off begin: