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[SHANGHAI] ZHOU LI: Old Duck Soup for the Soul

Dear Food Diary:
It’s been a pretty dramatic time for me lately and being home in Shanghai is just what the doctor ordered. Away from it all, indulging in the art of doing nothing, filling my heart and tummy with so much love along with all the good eats… this is what being home brings.

In my thirst for comfort in food, my first stop had to be Zhou Li. Nothing warms you inside and out like a good hearty bowl of their “Old Duck and Vermicelli Soup”, specially in these cold winter days. Even if it meant waiting in long lines, really basic service and fighting for a seat along their communal tables. 
The operation is simple. Wait in line, order at the small counter in front, take your number, find a seat and wait for your bowl to come. 

[SHANGHAI] World Expo 2010: DAY 1

Dear Food Diary:

The Shanghai expo was like going to Disney’s Epcot, minus Mickey and rides. A walk around the world featuring unique offerings from each country. I spent a total of 4 days there with my dad and we didn’t see everything! 

[SHANGHAI] “Jian Bing”: Crepe a la China Style

Jian Bing (shanghainese breakfast) 1

Dear Food Diary:
First morning in Shanghai, breakfast is more like a break”feast”. First stop, a visit to my favorite “Jian Bing” Lady a block from my parent’s place. Street food at its best. It’s sort of like a Chinese Crepe, but this only comes savory. It’s a classic breakfast option that can be found throughout the city (unless your in some fancy schmancy hotel. In which case, you’ll have to leave the comforts of your westernized room and get your butt to some side street or neighborhood market early in the am). My parents live at the end of LINE 8 at Shi Guang Road, but I doubt you’ll want to go this far in the morning.