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[BUENOS AIRES]: CHORIPAN a classic street food

Choripan 2

Dear Food Diary:
One of my fondest childhood food memories is eating a choripan (“chori”zo in a “pan” (bread) makes a chorizo sandwich) on the streets of Costanera. These Buenos Aires road-side parrilla (BBQ) stands also known as Los Carritos de la Costanera offer a mean Argentinean Chorizo (usually pork, sometimes beef), grilled on the spot and cut open in half known as “mariposa” or butterfly style. Each stand has their own special sauce, usually consists of an chimichurri, provensal (parsley garlic) and a salsa criolla (onions, tomatoes and peppers).

[BUENOS AIRES] Waking up early for BREAKFAST

Dear Food Diary:
Mornings are not my thing, but for food, I make the extra effort. Specially for these to die for Argentinean Style Churros, which are best in the morning when they are freshly made. Needless to say, I spent many mornings at the local Confiteria (Cafe) LA CAPITAL, it’s also a Panaderia (Bakery) so they make everything fresh in house.There are 3 choices: plain, with dulce de leche center and chocolate covered dulce de leche center:

[BUENOS AIRES] Eating Helado + Giant Gelato Sword

Dear Food Diary:
Life is sweeter with dessert, so I’m starting my posts about Argentina with helado, my most beloved treat as a kid. Helado is usually translated as ice cream, but its creamy, smooth, soft texture makes it more gelato-esque. The Heladerias (Local neighborhood gelato shop. They are everywhere) in Argentina offer Helado Artesanal, which means, each shop makes their own helado with their secret recipes using real ingredients and keeping all things artificial to a minimal. No pints from the super market here. This is why each shop vary so much in flavor, creamyness, textures and ultimately quality.