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MACARON CAFE: one of the worst macarons I’ve had in nyc


macaron cafe 1 

Around the office, my coworkers were buzzing about the salads and sandwiches at Macaron Cafe, so I had to go back and check it out.

While I would agree that the salads and sandwiches were good, the macarons were still as bad as I remembered.

The Plaza Food Hall: Poor quality control. Where’s Todd?

Dear Food Diary:
On one of our first dates, StalkerBoy took me to The Plaza Food Hall after a movie at the Paris theater. It was a memorable night, not food wise, but because it was April Fool’s day and I made a pretty mean (funny to me and only me apparently) joke on him (glad he’s still around).

A year later, we went back. And while I could hold my thoughts about mediocre over priced food for the night in the name of “reminiscing” (yes, this Chubby is a romantic at heart), I couldn’t overlook the poor quality control that was happening right in front of us. I was glad this was an open kitchen, actually more like thankful! But even so, the lack of passion for the food was obvious to the point  where I lost my appetite, which wasn’t really missing out on much anyways…

[FLUSHING] New World Mall Food Court: Fire and Icy

new world mall in flushing - food court
Dear Food Diary:
The doors of Flushing’s New World Mall are like a gate at the airport. The minute you take your flight down the stairs, you’ve arrived in Mainland, this could be any given food court throughout China. From the lights, sounds, smell and people, the 7 train has never transported you this far for a mere subway fare.

Bell Book & Candle: Worst Brunch Experience ever!

bell book and candle 1
Dear Food Diary:
I heard about Bell Book & Candles aeroponic rooftop garden and loved the idea of farming in the city, so naturally it got bumped to first spot on my eating list. I couldn’t wait to taste for their local, organic and sustainable dishes. 60% of their produce comes from their rooftop, how awesome!