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Caffe Bene: escape with a Misugaru drink in Times Square

caffe bene nyc (times square) 6caffe bene nyc (times square) 7

Dear Food Diary:
Tourist and locals can now take a breather while in Times Square and skip Starbucks (I love that idea). Caffe Bene, a korean chain opened its doors and introduced the masses to Misugaru and a Korean drama/soap like decor and ambiance. A little library/living room in the back, a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city…

(This is my first Instagram photos only post, I find the mood and colors work well with coffee shop posts)

15 EAST: Live Lobster Sashimi!

15 EAST 1
Dear Food Diary:
ALERT! the title pretty much sums up this post, so if you’re gonna get all animal activist on me after reading, please stop right here. Otherwise, if you’re like Underground dining and I, and “live lobster” just tickles your excitement, enjoy! (video, pics and all, this one’s for you).
15 EAST 3
15 East has a really sleek, spacious and modern dining room.
15 EAST 2
Would of been better if we had a seat by the bar, but our corner table was comfy enough to get us ready for that “live” friend we were about to devour. The $19 Sparking Yuzu Cocktail (hou-hou shu, yuzu juice) didn’t justify the price, though citrus sparkly was a good start.

Bayan Cafe: Filipino Food in Midtown?……. I’d rather hop on the 7 train. (CLOSED)

Dear Food Diary:
Ever since my last taste of Filipino food, I’ve been running on a pork and sizzling sisig high for weeks. Like an helpless addict, I wanted more.

Stōgo: Gourmet Organic Dairy-Free Ice Cream is a NO-GO for me

Dear Food Diary:

I’m always up for trying new things, specially if it’s an icy cold, sugary goodness, aka ice cream. I’ve pass by Stogo a couple times, and made a mental note: must try. In times like these, I wished my memory had failed me. But I guess there’s a price to my curiosity, $6 in this case.