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Urban Lobster Shack: Where’s the meat!? (CLOSED)

Dear Food Diary:
A big giant red lobster handed me the menu for an Urban Lobster Shack while passing through 3rd Ave the other day. What a great idea, Crystal Pavilion already has Pampano Taqueria but as any food loving blogger, I was ready to welcome this new addition with open arms. So much so, that I started following them on Twitter.

Arepas Lady & Sabor Mexicano Taco

Dear Food Diary:
Friday night we ventured into 74th and Jackson Heights just to pay the arepas lady a visit late in the evening, since she arrives at her spot after 10 pm (her hrs are 10 pm-5 am, Friday and Saturday). It was a quiet night, so I had some time to chat with her while our arepas were getting their golden brown color on the griddle. She’s very friendly and humble, specially when I asked her about her accomplishments like the Vendy Award and all her loyal followers, she simply smiled, and told me she gets quite a lot of business from write ups, reviews and internet blogs. The locals on the line however, were more impressed with her food and not so much with her fame, they actually commented on my picture taking and joked about her being known worldwide (‘cuz I’m chinese? and I would bring arepas to China? !@#@$#!!!… I speak Spanish fluently, so I heard everything).

Quick Delight: Saltiest Food Cart Award?

Dear Food Diary:
Walking around the other day, I saw this sign: VENDI AWARD FINALIST. No way! Really??? Around midtown east???… man! I was so excited I planed out my lunch a week ahead, and today was the big day. I anticipated it the whole day, even during my morning oatmeal ritual I couldn’t stop thinking about this, as soon as the clock hit 12:30pm, I was there.
The menu even says this cart is supervised by this guy who use to work for the Russian Tea Room, hmm interesting. Made me want to try the food even more.