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MAREA: Cucina del Mare. 1 of my best meals 2010

marea menu
Dear Food Diary:
My last quarter of 2010 had very high highs and deep lows. With that came a cut down on blogging, which lead to falling behind on my posts. I did a food-retrospect today (through notes + photos) and Marea stood out as one of my best meals of last year. One I’ll definitely want to repeat in 2011. 

MAZE by Gordon Ramsay: What the %!$#%$!&^@$#

MAZE by Gordon Ramsay 1MAZE by Gordon Ramsay 11
Dear Food Diary:
I’m going to start this post by stating that I don’t usually use foul language (unless it’s totally necessary). I don’t condone it either. With that said, this review is for Maze by Gordon Ramsay. They say when in Rome do as the Romans do, therefore, when at Maze speak as Gordon would. (I’ll try anyways, his potty mouth is on an unreachable level that  would make me blush). This is from Winter Restaurant Week 2010, I know I’m a little behind, but I’m trying to catch up since Restaurant Week just started).

momokufu ko: No pictures? No problem…… I got a sharpie and pad. Take that!!! (MOVED)

Dear Food Diary:

I have these love/hate feelings about David Chang and his Momofukus. There’s been so much hype surrounding all things momofuku (smart marketing on DC’s part), I want to avoid it, but I can’t, because underneath it all, there are some pretty kick ass dishes.
Though very curious, I’ve been putting off Ko because I hate that whole online reservation process, there was no way I would log-on day after day and hope I would be “lucky enough” to have the pleasure of spending $175 of my hard earned dollars for lunch, BUT since fellow blogger R&R had already made reservations, I was happy to show up.
NO PHOTO POLICY!? #$#$%$ BS I say! I came armed with my sharpie and pad, take that DC! take that! (so the “sketches” were done very loosely, mind you I also needed time to enjoy every course. There’s sure to be spelling errors, bare with me, this was the best I could do in that time frame ok? Plus I had to put up with some looks from the ppl behind the kitchen, so give me some credit!)