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Sik Gaek: Live Octopus and Grillin’ Live Seafood

Sik Gaek 1

Dear Food Diary:
Sik Gaek is a place you bring all your friends, actually ONLY the adventurous ones. Drink lots of soju, preferably the one in a whole watermelon. And “party” all night to crazy loud Korean Pop. Yes, it’s a bit surreal. Specially when most of the food move, yep, all the seafood is so fresh, it’s live. I tasted their live octopus, raw for the first time…

GALLOW GREEN Rooftop: No more $20 rsvp ticket


gallow green rooftop dining and lounge
We celebrated my friend Greg’s birthday this past Sunday at Gallow Green, it was awesome and way less crowded than the first time around. Their reservation format changed again!!! Now they have dinner reservation through Urbanspoon. For the bar, you can RSVP gallowgreen@mckittrickhotel.com or call 212.564.1662.

If the malt vinegar crisps and warm pretzels we munched all night with our Punch Bowls were any indication of their food, I’d say, let’s meet for dinner!


Gallow Green _ The McKittrick Hotel_ Sleep No More

Dear Food Diary:
I saw Sleep No More  about a year ago and it blew me away. So when I heard about them opening their rooftop, I jumped on the chance of returning to The McKittrich Hotel and checking it out after Atera. That was about a month ago and the online reservation required a $20 ticket which would be taken off the total bill. However, when I checked the RESERVATION  site today, it seemed like cover is dropped but timed rsvp is still required.

If you haven’t seen this live version of The Tragedy of Macbeth: Sleep No Morewhere actors wonder through this abandoned 6 story hotel as you chase after them from scene to scene. Full of interactions, surprises and thrill, I highly, highly recommend it!!!

MAIALINO: molto bene Sunday supper

maialino 1

Dear Food Diary:
S and I started as co-workers and through these past 9 years we’ve become close friends. She since has moved on to bigger and better things. We both felt deprived of each others company, so we set a double date dinner a couple Sundays ago. I knew just the place this lady with the most contagious laugh and her sweet hubby would enjoy. We made reservations far in advance and met at the swanky Gramercy Park Hotel where Danny Meyer does Italian.

Caffe Bene: escape with a Misugaru drink in Times Square

caffe bene nyc (times square) 6caffe bene nyc (times square) 7

Dear Food Diary:
Tourist and locals can now take a breather while in Times Square and skip Starbucks (I love that idea). Caffe Bene, a korean chain opened its doors and introduced the masses to Misugaru and a Korean drama/soap like decor and ambiance. A little library/living room in the back, a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city…

(This is my first Instagram photos only post, I find the mood and colors work well with coffee shop posts)

Peking Duck House: Chinese New Year Lunch

peking duck house 1
Dear Diary:
For Chinese New Year this year, my coworkers and I decided to wear red and have a Peking duck feast for lunch. We went to the Midtown East location of Peking Duck House, closer to work (food is identical to the Chinatown one). I was anticipating this meal, after all, peking duck is one of my favorite ways to eat duck and the inspiration of my ChubbyChineseGirl sandwich.