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Per Se: Perfectly beautiful and exquisite

Per Se 1

Dear Food Diary:
Per Se was just named #6 on the 2012 World’s 50 Best Restaurants list (moving up 4 spots).

A while back, our dear J was leaving NYC after her nuptials, so for her bachelorette party/day, we took her to Per Se for lunch to start the celebration. We wanted this to be a memorable time for all of us and surely we weren’t disappointed. And though I can’t say it was the best meal ever, it surely was one of them.

LE BERNARDIN: One of my favorite meals of 2011… (pre-renovation)

le bernadin 20
Dear Food Diary:
I visited Le Bernardin right before their renovations earlier this year. Regardless of the new decor and trendy bar menu, the food and service I read, remain untarnished. As I looked back at this tasty and exciting year, this dinner was without a doubt top of the list and one I’ll surely remember.

DANIEL: Surprisingly underwhelming

Daniel 1
Dear Food Diary:
Daniel is one of those places I’ve been wanting to go but never found an occasion. When StalkerBoy and his friends made reservations, I was delighted to be invited.