F&B: the gudt comfort food (CLOSED)


Dear Food Diary,

For those days I’m feeling a bit down, there’s just something about Sweet Potatoe Fries that comforts me and puts a smile back. And today was one of those days. F&B has a pretty sweet version of it. Lightly battered and seasoned, crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, i’m drooling just thinking about them. Match it up with the Garlic Aioli dipping sauce, and can you scream heaven? well even if you don’t your senses will, not to mention that at this point all your worries are left at the door, mine usually are anyways… at least for a good 15 minutes.

I’m not a fan of fast food and I guess there’s no denying that we tend to categorize Hot Dogs as “junk food”, but not these babies! And please don’t call it fast food, i just like to think of it at good food. They are gourmet and range from vegetarian, beef, pork and chicken. I’m a pretty traditional gal so i opt for the beef ones. I like the byte to them and that snap, the snap is what really makes it, they’re very flavorful and juicy. It’s definitely worth the extra dough, just remember your skipping the dirty water NYC street corner ones! Not to mention all the toppings they offer, from homemade sauerkraut to guacamole and everything in between.

Wash it down with their homemade raspberry lemonade and also try the Haricot Frites, which are deep fried green beans with garlic and salt, i wouldn’t call them healthy choice, but at least your having some sort of veggie, and that’s enough for me. A gudt lunch i tell ya, a gudt lunch!

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 5

269 W 23rd St (between 7th and 8th ave)