MEGU: ME GUsta this occasional splurge

Dear Food Diary,
I had a truly wonderful dining experience tonight at Megu midtown.
The door opens and your immediately greeted by the very attentive staff. High ceilings, impressive decor and spacious seating. Upon settling down, the knowledgable servers help you go through their menus with ease.

Megu midtown is a splurge, but get ready to take your palette on a ride of intricate and lavish dishes that are plated beautifuly, constructed with depth using fresh, high quality ingredients, and simply taste divine.

The Wasabi (a root, is imported from Okumagi, Shizuoka Japan) is hand grated at our table, to accompany our Blue Fin spicy tuna appetizer, which by the way was a melt in my mouth experience. It’s topped with delicately chopped onions and a leaf of fried basil and finished off with a stroke of creamy spicy sauce. Followed by MEGU ‘s Original Spicy Tuna and Crispy Chu Toro Tuna Rolls. All the flavors were wonderfully combined, and the fish was fresh and flavorful.

Now to the main event! KOBE BEEF (beef made from cows that are fed a diet enriched with beer and massaged lovingly by attendants in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan), this is what they’re known for and what we’ve anticipated the whole night. We ordered the Premium Kobe Steak “Kagerou Yaki” Hennessy Flambee, warmed Hennessy is ignited over premium kobe beef. Served on a river stone with slices of milky garlic from Aamori, Japan, yes even the garlic is imported. Our Prime Top Cullote (they have 4 different cuts to choose from, we ordered the most affordable one), now if you’re use to Peter Luger portions, let me tell you, this might dissapoint you, at $38 is a mere 6 onces.
Just the presentation itself is entertaining, as the server pours the liquor onto your stone, a high flame formes and the aroma is just so inviting. We couldn’t wait to dig in, all to which had to be done very slowly so we could truly savor and enjoy each and every bite. Rare is definitely the way to go. I can still taste it… HMMMMMMMMMMM (i just had to use caps to emphasize)… so juicy and tender… just soooo good…

The double roasted tea was delightfuly pleasing finish. The dessert are so so compared to the food. Even though the Dark Cholate Fondant was quite satisfying, but the 20 layer crepes were not that impressive, and bit dry, so if you’re looking to save a buck or two of what’s left in your wallet by now, go ahead, your not missing out.

Their precise attention to every minor detail made our dining experience that much more enjoyable. We collectively decided, we must go back again in the very near future. And just an FYI, don’t forget to use the restroom, the high-tech toilets amuzed us for a while.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:chubby rating 5
845 UN Plaza- At 47th St

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