Cupcake Truck for a crummy day

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Dear Food Diary:

Yesterday started off as a crummy day. I was really exhausted in the morning, my eyes were super puffy, and as usual i spent a long time trying to figure out what to wear. Got on the bus to work and couldn’t stop yawning, i was soo sleepy that tears were starting to come out, yeah it wasn’t a good look.
Work was fine… bla bla bla… ok, fast forwards to lunch time. I walk to the farmers market with my coworker and there it is, Cupcake Truck right infront of my face. How can I say no to that? I looove cupcakes, specially red velvet (from Magnolia’s or ButterCup). But this truck had more creative flavors in mind, like key lime pie, rocky road and strawberry shortcake! and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, they sold mini cupcakes for $1 each! Were they reading my mind?
So i ordered 2 mini, 1 rocky road and 1 strawberry shortcake. The rocky road had marshmallows and almonds, and chocolate of course. I loved how it was moist, crunchy and oh so chocolaty. The marshmallows gave it another texture which i really loved, but i wished they were a little bit melted. The strawberry shortcake reminded me of summer strawberries from the farmers market, which always brings a smile on my face. The first bite gave a really fragrant and strong strawberry taste, the cake was super moist and the icing was just rite, not too heavy or too sweet. Out of the 2 I preferred the strawberry.
As I was devouring them within the 1 block radius, my coworker kept laughing, because I kept making the “hmmmmm” sound and according to him, I looked happier with the cupcakes than with any guy I’ve dated. As we walked by the truck again, I did have the urge to hug the 2 guys inside the truck, but then this is New York and that would of been really creepy. So i choose to hug them virtually with this post instead.
Got back to work with a sugar high. These 2 little treats made my day so much sweeter, and i wasn’t crummy anymore. This was exactly what the mood doctor prescribed. =)
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:

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So today (saturday 8/1) walking around Union Square, I saw the truck again! parked in front of Diesel. The flavors were totally different. The guy inside the truck told me their flavors change everyday. I was sad that the red velvet (which I’m dying to try) was sold out. So we tried the Caramel Macchiato which was fabulous, creamy mix of coffee and chocolate with swirls of caramel and really moist cake, it wasn’t overly sweet and none of the flavors over powered the other, I would order it again. The Fluffernutter was a thumbs down, the frosting tasted like regular peanut butter, but sweeter, I really didn’t enjoy it, good thing the Caramel Macchiato flavors were still lingering in my mouth and I was satisfied.