wafels & dinges: just another truck

Dear Food Diary:

I saw the truck and got super excited. The guys behind the truck were very friendly and helpful as I couldn’t decide. Word of advice: don’t go on an empty stomach, it was my mistake, and i paid for it later. I ordered the Brussels Wafel and topped it with Nutella and walnuts ($6), which was huge! I only shared a little piece with my coworker and ate the rest myself, that was my lunch, and felt it was way too much afterwards.
The wafel was indeed light and crispy as they claim it to be, but taste wise, nothing out of this world, the nutella on top made it so much yummier, but then again, hazelnut and chocolate makes every dessert taste good, so that doesn’t count and the walnuts were good, but they weren’t chopped, and raw, so it was a bit overwhelming. Taking a bite of waffel, drizzled with nutella and a whole chunk of raw walnut, the ratio just didn’t work, too much crunch from the nuts, not enough wafel and very little nutella on top, all together tasted a little dry. I guess it just missed that extra touch for me, maybe a little creativity on the dingles (aka toppings) choices or something.
Everything was hard to cut with the plastic knife, and though the take out box was cute, I doubt this chubby will be craving these wafels & dinges anytime soon.
I guess if your craving something sweet and don’t mind the calories, and you just happen to walk by the truck, and there’s this urge that’s taking over you, don’t be afraid! no one’s gonna pop out of this blog and stop you, but sadly for me, it turned out to be just another food truck in the already super crowded streets of the Big Apple.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 2.5


ON A SIDE NOTE,speaking of dessert trucks, “the dessert truck”, this chubby is super sad that they weren’t able to renew their permit and are closed for now.