Chikalicious Dessert Club: my late night adult chocolate fix

Dear Food Diary:
It’s been hell for the past couple days at work, late nights and impossible deadlines. On top of that I’ve yet to recover from my jet lag, 2 weekends away to the west coast (will update those awesome travel eats soon, I promise) and catching red eye flights back and heading straight to work.
Anyways, back to last night, after a looooong day here in front of the computer, I needed something rewarding to end the night. At 11:15pm, I desperately craved dark chocolate, the kind of craving no chocolate bar could win over. My tummy was set, I WANTED the Adult Chocolate Pudding from Chikalicious Dessert Club. This is why I love NYC, at any hour, whatever you fancy could be satisfied. Headed downtown with my friend, time wasn’t on our side, we had to make it before midnight (closing time), thankfully the green light’s turned when they were suppose to and we made it.
And there I was, getting my chocolate fix, Adult Chocolate Pudding, finally… ahhhhh soooo goood. This is no joke, made for serious hardcore dark chocolate lovers, it almost sounds XXX, doesn’t it? It’s best described as the chocolate version of the When Harry met Sally scene, yeah, that scene from Kat’z deli… it’s that good! It’s made with Valrhona dark chocolate (darn those french sure know how to pleasure our palate). It’s rich, creamy, chilled, and not overly sweet. The scoop sits on top of crunchy chocolate streusels which gives another layer of fabulous, totally indulgent texture.
The strawberry shortcake wasn’t worth writting about, but the Cupcakes are actually a lighter rendition of your regular butter filled ones. I’m not saying there’s an absence of butter in Chikalicious’ but the frosting is light and fluffy, the cute tip reminds me of a Dairy Queen vanilla cone. The Smores Cupcake has a toasty top and a chocolate center! Bravo! Encore! Encore! Encore!
This is such a sweet place for those late night craving! I’ve long been fan of Chikalicious (the original sit down dessert place across the street which closes around 10), this is such a great addition, specially since it’s open late. Once again, I *heart*NY
FYI the orange spoons are actually “made in Italy”… I just notice these things, and i really appreciate these little details.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
204 E 10th st (btw 1st and 2nd ave)
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