Arepas Lady & Sabor Mexicano Taco

Dear Food Diary:
Friday night we ventured into 74th and Jackson Heights just to pay the arepas lady a visit late in the evening, since she arrives at her spot after 10 pm (her hrs are 10 pm-5 am, Friday and Saturday). It was a quiet night, so I had some time to chat with her while our arepas were getting their golden brown color on the griddle. She’s very friendly and humble, specially when I asked her about her accomplishments like the Vendy Award and all her loyal followers, she simply smiled, and told me she gets quite a lot of business from write ups, reviews and internet blogs. The locals on the line however, were more impressed with her food and not so much with her fame, they actually commented on my picture taking and joked about her being known worldwide (‘cuz I’m chinese? and I would bring arepas to China? !@#@$#!!!… I speak Spanish fluently, so I heard everything).
I read that she use to be a lawyer and judge, well I say she’s guilty for letting this Chubby taste the best arepas ever!
She has 2 different kinds of Authentic Columbian Arepas, this one is the Arepa de Choclo (Corn Arepas), folded over and brushes with margarine, it’s crispy, sweet corn on the outside and salty cheese on the inside, a nice mix of subtle flavors, very yummy and nothing like the ones they sell by Little Italy during the fairs.
The Arepas de Queso (Cheese Arepas) was a totally different experience. The thicker dough is mixed with a generous amount of yummy stringy cheese (like a really good mozzarella), and topped with queso fresco. Hot of the griddle, it’s soft, cheesy, sweet and salty. So good, we wanted to give her a big hug, but by then, the people started coming and she was busy, but I’ll be back again for sure, and will hug her then.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
Roosevelt Av (between 78th & 79th st) Jackson Heights
(7, E, R F trains takes you right there)

Sabor Mexicano Taco Truck
A block away from the Arepas lady was a bright taco truck that called my name. I saw a couple locals buy their food and joined the line and ordered 2 tacos.
I was excited to see The Oreja (Pig Ear) Taco and had hightastepectations”, my first bite was quite enjoyable, good griddle flavor, well seasoned, topped with freshly chooped onions, cilantro and a tangy tomatillo salsa. But as the bites progressed, it lacked texture, there was no crunchiness, the ear was so soft, I could only taste the fattiness, if someone blindfolded me, I would of never guessed what it was. They had wrongfully killed the best characteristics of ear, the crunchy cartilage, and the chew, the essence of what makes it so good. Big disappointment, I couldn’t finish it.
The Al Pastor (Roast Pork) on the other hand was a much happier ending. The pork was moist, sweet from the pieces of caramelized pineapple and a great spiciness, which was perfect with the tangy tomatillo sauce, onion and parsley sprinkle. It was a fiesta in my mouth.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
(since only 1 was good out of the 2)

Roosevelt Av (around 79th st) Jackson Heights
(7, E, R F trains takes you right there)