Economy Candy: Happy “Treat or Treating”!

Dear Food Diary:
My friend and I discovered Economy Candy last week, literally 2 kids in a candy store. This place is a must go for “Treat or Treating”! cuz let’s face it, we’re too old to knock on our neighbors doors tomorrow.
Pictured above is owner Jerry, the Willy Wonka of the LES, this place is so much more affordable than Dylan’s or wherever the rich upper east side peeps go, and you don’t even need to be at the tourist trap m&m store in Times Square to choose your colors, they have it too. Plus a sweet variety of Jelly Belly, high end mints like Oral Fixation, super whimsical 1950’s themed candy, gum, Baci chocolates, giant Pez and the list goes on and on…
There was so much variety, we didn’t even know where to start. Brought back a lot wonderful childhood memories, and even though she grew up in the U.S and I was in South America, some things were cool without borders, case in point: Garbage Pail Kids! (we called them“basuritas”). How cute are they? we both use to love them as kids, gross, but extra cute right?
Kinder eggs! I had a huge collection of the toys, love love love.
We didn’t have Hershey’s back in Argentina, instead, we ate Milka, which is way better, very rich and creamy milk chocolate, they didn’t carry the airy or nuts ones that I like or else I would of stocked up.
I can’t even begin to list everything they have, every inch of the store is stocked with sweets. I walked out with some pop rocks, giant lollipops for my friend’s kids (unless I eat them first) and whole giant pack of dulce recuerdos (aka sweet memories).
You have check it out yourself, it’s “Treat or Treating” every day in there! FUN! FUN! FUN!
108 Rivington St