Luke’s Lobster: Just a hype

Dear Food Diary:
It’s only been open for 2 weeks, yet it’s already gotten dozens and dozens of reviews across all foodie blogs. I’ve heard mix reviews, and even though my friend passionate caterer strongly advised me to go elsewhere, I had to be my own taste judge.
I really wanted to like it. I mean, $14 for a lobster roll is quite tempting, and did I mention I love lobster? maybe not as much as crab, but it’s up there. The lobster meat was cold and although a generous portion of big chunks of meat, it all tasted like it was from a packaged seasoning, my friend actually felt it tasted like the little packs you get with your instant noodle, ouch. I appreciate the very light mayo, but it just didn’t seem to be complete, there just wasn’t enough flavor, and I would of liked a little contrast in texture, maybe a hint of crunch from finely chopped celery, or a small slaw, anything. Don’t get me wrong, I like getting my money worth of good’old lobster meat and only lobster meat, but not when it just feels like an unfinished thought. The orange-ginger soda was interesting and Miss Vickie’s Jalepeno Chips were great, and gave it an extra burst of flavor, but that doesn’t count.

The Crab Roll was basically the same concept as the Lobster Roll, only well… you guessed it, lumps of crab meat. Same seasoning, same toasted buttery bread, nothing to keep craving and come back for.

The Empress Crab Claw was good, but also cold (I’m more of a warm lobster and crab kind of gal, specially a whole crab, with roe and all. And lobster sashimi being an exception of course). You get the natural flavors of the crab, but again, nothing I can’t get somewhere else in the city.
I’m not sure if “affordable” really is the selling point here, it wasn’t great, it wasn’t totally bad, just bla, very bla. I must say, this is all just hype. And since today is Wednesday, I would much rather go to Essex Restaurant and get their Whole Steamed Maine Lobster Special for $16, yeah, no typo, whole lobster, with herb potatoes and corn, I bet there isn’t a whole lobster’s worth of meat in Luke’s lobster roll, which is pre-cooked and ziplock packed by the way. Essex and chinatown is where I’d go to get ma’ lobsta’ fix. From what I remember, I had a way more satisfying lobster roll experience the last time I was at Ed’s Lobster Bar, a while ago, but memorable at least.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 2.5(close to 3, but not really)

93 East 7th St

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