Sunrise Bakery & Cafe: Big Fluffy Baos

Dear Food Diary:
Last Sunday afternoon, I just happen to walk by Sunrise Bakery & Cafe, hunger struck so I went in for a quick bite, Steamed chicken bao and “yun yeung” (coffee, tea and milk). I wasn’t expecting much, same usual stuff from any HK bakery was what I had in mind, BUT I was tastefully surprised by what I found.
I took the Chicken Bao out of the wax bag, they were huge (either that or I just have really small hands). It felt pleasantly soft and fluffy as I held them, like a giant marshmallow. A warm edible round pillow of sweet dough, I resisted taking out my camera, but after several bites, it was evident, this was just too good not to share. The filling has ground chicken and mushrooms, lean and seasoned well, a good balance in every light and airy bite. So good!
As I was taking pictures, an older gentlemen sitting by the window asked if I wanted to be in the pic, so I explained and as it turned out, he is part owner of a father and son duo. Patrick was very friendly and invited me inside their kitchen, gave me a little tour as he introduced the 1/2 dozen pastry chefs responsible for all the yummy items in the small, cozy bakery. But no pictures, which is understandable.
Thanks to Patrick, I also got to try their red bean and melon filled pastries, also very tasty. Sweet but not overly, and a buttery crust, almost tasted like it had a hint of pork fat (meaning full of flavor). The red bean reminded me of a good mooncake, just needed some salty egg yolks.
The name of the place in chinese literally means “sweet as honey” or something along those lines. Patrick explained the inspiration for such name, aside from being super cute, actually came from a Teresa Teng song from back in the day, my parents and everyone from that generation adored her, she was huge! so huge that Mao actually banned her music during the cultural revolution, yet she still managed to hypnotize millions and millions around the world with her voice. Here’s the song:
If my mama and papa used internet, they would be pressing play all day and night, my hits would go out the roof. LOL.
Back to the Sunrise Bakery, if you ever around the Queens Blvd/Elmhurst. area, stop by and get a bao, either chicken or roast pork. For those who are lazy to cook, you can buy a bunch, freeze it and then just microwave it, really satisfying at just 0.90 cents each.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: chubby rating 3.5
84-02 Queens Blvd
(open 7 days from 7am-7:30pm)
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