Bayan Cafe: Filipino Food in Midtown?……. I’d rather hop on the 7 train. (CLOSED)

Dear Food Diary:
Ever since my last taste of Filipino food, I’ve been running on a pork and sizzling sisig high for weeks. Like an helpless addict, I wanted more.
I vaguely remembered having some sort of Filipino lunch a while ago at Bayan Cafe, a steaming table full of heavy sauced dishes over white rice, wasn’t too bad. So I rushed over and to my delight Sizzling Sisig (finely chopped crispy pork ear, belly, hot peppers, onions) was on the menu! As ecstatic as I was, a little voice inside kept whispering, “this is midtown, and it can’t be good, get something else”, but I was desperate, and the only way to settle was to shed out $13. Besides, nothing really stood out, and the Chicken Adobo, a popular dish, looked pale and sad.
The first couple bites actually tasted quite good, I must of been delusional or something. Maybe it was hunger, or just pure joy of being able dig into something so foreign for lunch. I couldn’t wait to share about the awesome discovery. Unfortunately those feelings only lasted a couple spoonfuls. The pig ears, my favorite, weren’t crunchy, but chewy (in the worst way possible). Like chewing on a old shoe, not that I would know, but that’s how I imagine it would be. I guess the parts of the pigs head were way over cooked, and rubbery is not a desired texture. Ordered to go, so it wasn’t sizzling, which makes even more sense that it shouldn’t have been this overcooked. Afterwards, I felt really grossed out, my tummy must of been like “@#$#$# what on earth is that!?, I like inners and head cheeses, but this ain’t food”.
So even though Engeline’s is a train ride away, I would rather hop on the 7 train and get my fix there. With all that I ate that night, I felt totally fine and jolly afterwards. Plus on the Express 7 train it actually on takes 20 minutes from Grand Central, so it’s totally doable for a looong lunch.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
212 E 45st

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