JUST IN: The Chubby Chinese Girl will remain on Cer Te’s menu as a Thursday Special!

I went in to order my own sandwich the other day. Friendly workers at Cer Te stopped by to say hello, they were amused I showed up for a late lunch and giggled at the name of the blog/sandwich =)
They only had 2 Chubby Chinese Girls left, so we decided to share and leave the last one to a lucky customer. Chef Ed gave us a lobster roll each on the side, yummy! lot’s of lobster meat. I love the purple coleslaw, tangy and sweet. Pineapple strips were a good way to finish the meal. If you have room try their brownie and wash it all down with a lychee lemonade (not all that lychee-ish but sweet and refreshing )

Here’s a look of my 1/2 sandwich, yummy!
Now you can order it every Thursday!Hooray to that!

This was TAKE 2, first take they were much more excited, but I ran out of battery, of course that had to happen =/

It’s been fun having a sandwich creation made into reality. Cer Te has done a tremendous job. Took some orders around the office the other day and we got it delivered, just as good, but if you can, I would suggest eating there.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
20 West 55th Street

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