First Look at Pizza by Cer Te

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Dear Food Diary:
Last night I attended the Opening Night Party of Pizza by Cer Te. Wine, pizza sampling and champagne to toast Chef/Owner Edward Sylvia’s new creation, the first ever green Pizza joint in NYC.
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The concepts is eco-friendly, from utilizing rain water, recyclable materials on packaging, to hybrid delivery truck.
David explains how they utilize the rain water… ohhh fresh aromatic herbs
I had to find out about the $2 Filtered Water they had on the menu. Miguel swears by their filtered water, it has a higher PH level than Fiji water!!! (Theirs 8.5PH, Fiji 7.5PH). Fiji is my favorite water. I tried some of theirs and it’s pretty good, specially knowing that water acts as a powerful antioxidant (more so than a glass of fresh orange juice) and has minerals that are good for my body.
Here chef/owner Ed showing me around the kitchen. The food promises to be made fresh on premises, using local purveyors, in house grown herbs, plus Ed’s unique touch and creativity.
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Green Veggie Alforno has spinach, fresh Lioni mozzarella and gruyere. I usually like some kind of meat on my pizza, but this was quite tasty sans. There was plenty greens to play along with the salty, melting cheese.

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Farmers was confusing at first glance, but the Long Island potato, sharp amish cheddar, corn and green sprouts were a bite full of fun textures, savory and sweet.

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Shrooms has roasted wild mushrooms, porchini Bechamel and thyme. Earthy, meaty and very satisfying. The thyme was the extra touch.

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Margherita Cer Te was like a garden play date. Fresh tomato sauce, Lioni mozzarella, and shavings of grana padano the harder texture contrasted nicely with the melting mozzarella. Plus a handful of chopped basil to top it off.

pizza by cer te 7
“Bianco” was my favorite of the night. Hand dipped ricotta, with a generous brush of truffle oil, sprinkled with arugula and fresh pepper. It’s cheesy, creamy, salty, peppery and super aromatic. The luscious truffle oil is soooo divine, I can’t wait to go back and get my own pie, though I might add some pancetta to satisfy my carnivorous cravings.
If Cer Te sounds familiar, it’s because it is. They are the home to my first ever sandwich creation, which are still available every Thursday (tomorrow). Coincidentally, tomorrow will also be the Grand Opening Day 4/22 of Pizza by Cer Te… Hmmm it’ll be a tough choice.
Midtown (specially East Side) pizza lovers rejoice! From the samplings, I would say, it’s better than the rest of the midtown pizza joints. I’ll be back on a regular day and try more of their menu. Freshly made pastas, oh yeah!|
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132 East 56th Street
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