Foodbuzz 24 24: Summer Soba Picking Party

summer soba picking party 2
Dear Food Diary:

For this month’s Foodbuzz  24 24 I was selected to make my Summer Soba Picking Party idea into a yummy reality. I’ve always loved soba, these buckwheat noodles are satisfying but lighter than egg noodles, better for you, versatile and perfect served cold.

summer soba picking party 4

A fun Asian themed summer party with some of my fellow soba loving friends on a sunny afternoon. Sipping Iced Lychee Green Tea (store bought green tea with muddled canned lychees and syrup), simple, easy, sweet and refreshing.

summer soba picking party  8
THE CONCEPT:Different types of sobas, toppings and sauces. Each guest “picks” ingredients based on an Asian inspiration. Then, they’ll list the ingredients used, name their dish and rate taste on my Summer Soba Picking Party score/recipe cards.

Types of sobas: Green Tea, Yuzu and Regular (all served cold)
summer soba picking party 55
Sauces: Soy, hoisin, chili, sesame, yuzu, x.o, sesame, black vinegar, rice wine vinegar, wasabi, soba dip. Plus fried onion and rice seasoning.
summer soba picking partyHerbs: Scallions, Cucumber, Orange Zest, Basil, Asian Cilantro and Radish
summer soba picking party 58summer soba picking party 59
Nuts: Peanut butter, Almonds butter, sesame paste, Cashews, roasted peanuts, roasted cashews and some seaweed strips
summer soba picking party 3summer soba picking party 7
Meats: Roast Pork with crispy skin, Roast Duck, Spicy Basil Pork and Fried Tofu
summer soba picking party 5
The Soba Picking Station:
summer soba picking party  54
The Soba Picking Ladies:
summer soba picking party 65
Now let the Soba Picking begin!!! Here are our 20 CREATIONS: 
the chairmein
xiamen central
causeway bay yummy
peking yaya
phuket piggy
mongolian greens
hot tokyo crunch
thai hot mama
rush hour dual
hong kong spice pork
hot pearl city in mid summer night
china samba
tangy tianmen
pho pho peasant
waichai go green
tokyo terror
the great wall of soba
laotian surprise
supersize shanghai
meinmoirs of a geisha

GRAN FINALE: For dessert I made Coconut Red Bean Popsicles
red bean coconut popsicle 2
Canned coconut milk and sweet red beans (2:1 ratio + water + sugar)
red bean coconut popsicle 56
red bean coconut popsicle 4
Had a blast, plus I got to see a tasty and creative side of my friends. Food, fun, friends and Foodbuzz.