Donburiya: After work drinks and Japanese tapas

Donburiya: After work drinks and Japanese tapas

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Dear Food Diary:
After a @##$#$ day at work, dealing with #$#%$%$ people, all I needed was a drink and some good food to cheer me up. Donburiya is one of those go to places for such days. 

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When they first opened (years ago), it was my favorite lunch place. I was in blissful fried pork land with thick, juicy, extra large portions of perfectly fried oink. Such huge portions was great for sharing. Can’t help but wonder if that had anything to do with their smaller and now extra thin pork chops, if so, I truly apologize to ya’ll, my bad, I messed up a great lunch steal for all my fellow midtown lunchers. We no longer share, but then again, it’s condensed size would be impossible to fill both of us and we aren’t regulars anymore either. 
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This one is their SanKanDon ( I hope that’s how you spell it), basically a combo of pork chop with plum sauce and shrimp tempura over eggs and rice. I also like their curry and yuzu pork chop over rice. There’s more options on the menu these days, but like I said, XS sizes. Only  berkshire pork was served in the past, not sure if that’s the case now a days, I have my doubts.

Recently however, we’ve been going back more and more for after work drinks and Japanese tapas. Here are some of my favorites:
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Squid, fish roe and shishito pepper stir fry. Tender squid with a slight chard, salty fish roe and this mild, sweet japanese pepper. A great companion to any drink.
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Fried Lotus Chips are crispier than potato chips. It has a dust of salt and seaweed. Addictive and another great choice with drinks, specially beer. I wish they would package this stuff.
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Grilled Miso Steak always hits the spot, I am a carnivore after all. Tender, juicy, medium rare strips are glaced with dark miso, a little on the salty side, but flavorful nonetheless.

The okonomiyaki and their fish roe omelette are my next favorites. Wash it all down with Calpico Shochu, a little yogurty and sweet, super refreshing with just the right amount of alcohol to make you forget all your troubles. Cheers to that!

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: (close to 4)

137 East 47th Street
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