Fresh Strawberry Lemonade Fishy Ice & Pops

country time 2

Dear Food Diary:
It’s been scorchingly hot in NY these past couple days, so I put my freebies from Country Time and Pylones from the Grand Central Terminal to good use.
country time 7
Country Time sent me their lemonade… and
country time
Pylones at Grand Central Terminal had these cute fishy mold ice cube trays for me so….
country time 6
I followed the instructions and made a batch of lemonade. Then I made fresh strawberry and lemonade fishy ice cubes. I thought they looked really cute, and summery. I’ll add some real lemon slices next time.
country time 9
With the rest of the ingredients, I made it a little sweeter and poured it all into my Ikea popsicle molds. Yummm. Fresh sweet summer strawberries, and hint of lemon. Didn’t have any mint at home, but that would of been a really nice addition.
country time 3
Nothing like an icy fruit pop on a day like today. I walked out for 5 minutes and almost melted. Stay cool my friends, stay cool.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: