CRUMBS: Booooooooooooooottery Halloween

crumbs halloween 4
Dear Food Diary:
We got these cute treats at work today. I can refuse a cupcake  from Crumbs, but not when they look like this! Literally so cute I just wanted to eat them! Unfortunately, well… I guess great for them, they aren’t edible (rubber finger puppets).
crumbs halloween 1
I’m not a fan of Crumb’s cupcakes, they’re a monstrosity to conquer. Way too sweet for my taste. But today I made an exception and took a bite just for the sake of “Treating”. I further confirmed my dislike of this sugar overload and extra boooooooooooootter, not that I don’t like butter in general, but it’s just overwhelming, though the cake was moist and fluffy. The cuteness of these won me over for the day, but I still think Cupcake Stop tastes better.
crumbs halloween 3
Hope you guys have a spooky yet tasty weekend! Have fun!
(These guys are sitting on my computer now LOL, so darn cute).Oh, remember you can get great treats at Economy Candy, for you and your visitors!

P.S. Chubby’s RATING: 1/2