15 EAST: Live Lobster Sashimi!

15 EAST 1
Dear Food Diary:
ALERT! the title pretty much sums up this post, so if you’re gonna get all animal activist on me after reading, please stop right here. Otherwise, if you’re like Underground dining and I, and “live lobster” just tickles your excitement, enjoy! (video, pics and all, this one’s for you).
15 EAST 3
15 East has a really sleek, spacious and modern dining room.
15 EAST 2
Would of been better if we had a seat by the bar, but our corner table was comfy enough to get us ready for that “live” friend we were about to devour. The $19 Sparking Yuzu Cocktail (hou-hou shu, yuzu juice) didn’t justify the price, though citrus sparkly was a good start.

UNI ANKIMO steamed monkfish liver & sea urchin
15 EAST 4
15 EAST 5
Anything with uni gets my vote, specially that creamy sweetness paired with the foie gras of the sea. The liver is firmer with a shellfish aroma while the sea urchin just melts away.

15 EAST 9
This wasn’t what I had in mind, at all! There was barely any risotto, and what was there wasn’t anything worth writing about. The scallops were cooked nicely, but again, nothing to be jumping up and down for. And the sea urchin butter didn’t add any extra flavor. 

Now to the main event!!!
They asked if we wanted to see our dinner “live” and of course we did! Duh! We weren’t going to pay $120 for no reason. But apparently our waiter peed his pants and didn’t want to participate, so he asked another brave soul to bring it to us. 


Yep, as you can see the sashimi came very much “live”. There were 2 girls sitting a couple tables down (with valley girl accents, who must of been like “omg”) stormed out after seeing our first course. We scared them away, awesome! more room for us. 
15 EAST 6
The sashimi lover in me always preferred lobster sashimi over all else. Sweet and meaty, think sweet ebi shrimp but even better. 
15 EAST 7
This of course was as good as any I’ve had, not sure if it was that much better from the “live” factor, but I fully enjoyed it.

15 EAST 10
The batter was a tad more doughy than normal. Lightly fried and slight crunch nonetheless. The lobster however, had that nice bounce and meatiness you can only find from lobster or shrimp that’s this fresh and obviously live. 
15 EAST 11
A sprinkle of salt, all that was needed to enhance the sweetness. Totally enjoyed every bite (which weren’t many).

15 EAST 14
So the lobster did sacrifice for our tasty enjoyment, but we didn’t let anything go to waste. The head, roe and all that goodness in between added a deep rich flavor to our broth. 
15 EAST 12
There was also some lobster meat left to pick on. This was good but a little bit salty.

15 EAST 15
We were intrigued by the white bean part. Which well, tasted pretty much like red bean paste, but smoother and less sweet. The dish was so shallow, there really wasn’t much. It was aight. Sweets to end the meal always helps. 

15 EAST 17
The chocolates and macaroons were bla, it was in front of us so we ate it. 

The live lobster “fun” factor died real fast. It’s different and a novelty if you will, but was it worth paying $120? Probably not justifiable a second time. I’ve had great lobster sashimi in Boston and NYC for a half the cost. Would I go to 15 East again and try their tasting and sashimi? Maybe.

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
15 East 15 St.