LE GRAND FOODING 2011 Tix are on SALE! Hurry! (plus a look back at 2010’s)

Le Grand Fooding NY 2011 has a whole new format. Instead of PS1 like the previous 2 years, this time, it’s in the city. And it’s not going to be taste stations for each chef. Instead, they’re pulling off a 52 hour dinner around the clock. $100 gets you a sit down dinner prepared by one chef at a certain time (some are crazy, like 1am-4am), plus booze. (The chefs and menu for Sept 23-25)

The website says tickets are on sale Sept 1st, BUT you can GET YOUR TICKETS HERE 

Hurry! ‘cuz tix sell out fast!

As you may remember, I wrote a looong post about it, but blogger.com went down and I lost all the content! So here’s my attempt to relive that fun and yummy night. The theme was NY vs SFle fooding 2010 104
Met David Chang early in the evening, that was cool, though I have this love/hate relationship with his “peach empire”. We had VIP tix (paid double), so there weren’t many ppl during that time frame. 

le fooding 2010 103
His beets, goat cheese, walnuts was really bla. So that was disappointing. At the end of the night, word got around and his station wasn’t getting many visitors.
le grand fooding 2010 53_n
Though Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by. I’m a huge fan, but he was being a jerk that night. He was wearing mountain man outfit and wouldn’t talk to anyone.
le fooding 2010 609 2 
le fooding 2010 606
I didn’t even go up to bother him, I took a pic from far away and that blond chick yelled at me! telling me not to! wat? this is public space! wow, I can’t believe I’m still upset about it! LOL 

le grand fooding 2010
JEREMY FOX, OAKLAND had one of my favorite stations. 
le fooding 2010 92
Cucumber in miso “bagna cauda”
le fooding 2010 91
Marcona almonds
le fooding 2010 94
Whipped nasturtium flower, square root and coffee was almost too pretty to eat. It showcased his creative nature, depth of flavors and use of ingredients.

le fooding 2010 305
ROBER NEWTON, SEERSUCKER had the best fried chicken! I went back for seconds and have been to his Brooklyn spot on a Tuesday night just for these finger licken’ spicy goodness.
le fooding 2010 308
Tennesse-style friend chicken… drool. Read full review.

le fooding 2010 401
LAURENCE JOSSEL, NOPA captured the carnivorous in me
le fooding 2010 410
Wood-grilled pork ribeye, smoked tomato jam
le fooding 2010 502
As I told him my love for his pork the second round, he gave me some of the best pieces. Chard, tender and juicy! All lady-like manners went out the window.

The night ended with a full tummy, plenty of drinks and a great time with friends. My friend A came all the way from Toronto. Well worth it! Cheers to another year of great food. Hope you can make it this year.