LINspired Potluck Party: bring a LIN food or drink

Dear Food Diary:
For Sunday’s Knicks game against the defending Mavericks, #17 LINspired me to host a potluck party at StalkerBoy’s pad. The LINvitation said, bring a food or drink with LIN in the name. Everyone’s LINsanity level and creativity was put to the test.

I was anticipaLINg it all weekend…

LIN drinks

We began with yuengLINg and rolLINg rock beer… followed by

riesLINg is one of my favorite wines. Light and sweet, perfect for every occasion.

LIN savory

I made LINguini with sausage LINks and vodka sauce.

No game would be complete without buffalo LINgs, these were spicy, from Trader Joe’s. Not bad, though I missed that fried crunch.

Of course, we couldn’t miss dumpLINgs. These were from chinatown. The left one is a steamed Fujianese version, pork and chives with a very thin wrapper. They were a crowd favorite over the Vanessa one’s on the right, which had an extremely thick and doughy exterior, even for potsticker standards. Maybe it lost its crunch from the ride over, but I really don’t get all the hype. The 2 stores are next to each other.

LIN sweets

As you can see everyone got really into finding something unique. This was new to me, I’ve never had bLINtzes before. W&K introduced us to these Jewish pastries. Fried and filled, the one on the left with cheese and the right with blueberry. I liked the crunch and oozing center. Just the right amount of sweetness.

R&A also did a great job with these LINdy’s italian ice. Stumbled by accident, even the color was perfect for the occasion!

LINdt LINdor Truffles was brought by 2 people, you can’t really go wrong with chocolate.

The LIN potluck party was a success. The game was a nail biter, in the end we were LIN it to win it.
I guess we’ll have to get even more creative the next time… someone mentioned madeLINes!? Might be a bit much, but NY hasn’t been this exciting in a while and I *heart* every minute of it… And clearly I’m not alone…

To end our fun filled LINsane day, StalkerBoy and I ended the night with a jeremy LIN-mint shake at Shake Shack. Thick and creamy as usual, but it was a bit sweet for me. Like a blended Juniors Mint.

LINspired items are popping up all over town… that could be another post in the near future, I hear Bauhaus already has a bao.