[RECIPE] Easy Grilling: Korean Pork Belly at home

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Dear Food Diary:
For the love of pork belly, my friend C invited us over to her new bachelorette pad for an korean style BBQ night.

This is really the easiest “recipe” ever! All you need is a good indoor BBQ grill, kimchi and pork belly! All these are easy to find in Korean supermarkets (we went to H Mart which also has online shopping).
In some Korean restaurants without charcoal BBQ, they usually just place an indoor grill on the table anyways! This is way more satisfying without breaking the “piggy” bank. And since the biggest BBQ weekend is coming up, for those of us who live in tofu sized apartments in NY sans real grill, this is a great option.


korean grilling at home 4
When I said EASY, I really meant it. No prep work, no seasoning. The pre-packed Chongga Cut Cabbage Kimchi has enough sodium to flavor the meat. A spicy kick, with a sweet background, tons of garlic that work perfectly with the pork belly. Simply cook them all on the grill and mix them once the pork gets that sexy golden crust. The natural fragrance of the fat burst into a flavor explosion, the acidity of the kimchi cuts right through and makes it one balanced bite of happiness. Ohhhhhhh so goood!

No, we didn’t need side dishes, this was hardcore pig out! Between the 3 of us, we, in a not so lady like manner, chowed down about 6 lbs of pork belly. Washing it all down with bottles of Makgeolli (fermented korean rice wine, sweet and perfume like).

korean grilling at home 3
The Three Little Piggies, on a blissful pork high, as content as ever, one bite of pork belly at a time.

korean grilling at home 5
Afterwards, we gave our digestion a hand  with an Asian yogurt drink and walked to H Mart to do some shopping for the week. As a bonus to our porkalicious night, C and I got these cute Totoro slippers.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating: chubby rating 5