[RECIPE] LAURENT GRAS “My Provence” Digital Cookbook Launch

laurent gras - my provence ebook launch at French Consulate

Dear Food Diary:
Last week I was invited to a delightful press lunch at the French Consulate for the launch of Alta Editions’ Interactive Digital Cookbook Series. The first edition of this subscription based series features renowned chef Laurent Gras: My Provence ($9.99).

I’ve included the recipes of our wonderful 3 course lunch, a little taste of what the e-book offers…
The sparkling wine was flowing while hors d’oeuvres were being passed around. iPads were available to try this native app filled with great recipes, photos and even videos. A lot of mingling was happening in the hall while we awaited the lunch bells…

laurent gras - my provence ebook launch at French Consulate 2
Who knew the French Consulate had such an opulent dining room! Impressively well lit, overlooking Central Park.

laurent gras - my provence ebook launch
The French Ambassador introduced chef Laurent Gras who talked about Provence cooking and his childhood. Mitchell David (co-author and Vice President of the James Beard Foundation) added a word or two about his involvement in this.

Chef Laurent Gras talks about his childhood and the heart of Provence cooking: 

And finally, lunch is served…



laurent gras - my provence ebook - Artichoke Salad with Pecorino

Paper thin slices of artichoke and arugula simply dressed with lemon, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. The artichoke chips were really worth the extra time. A crunch that takes over the need of croutons. The salty pecorino ties it all together.



laurent gras - my provence ebook - Fresh Cod with Green Olives

The cod was so beautifully poached in olive oil, tender and delicate. The herbs and green olives brightened the sauce. The silkiest, smoothest bed of mashed potatoes I’ve every had. This really was a fabulous dish. Very subtle and simple like the presentation, yet so flavorful. The upmost respect for fresh ingredients. I cleaned my plate, I can’t wait to try it at home.


CHOCOLATE & MOCHA TART download recipe

POTS DE CREME download recipe

laurent gras - my provence ebook launch - chocolate tart

The smooth, rich egg custard (Pots de creme)  and vanilla ice cream were the perfect compliment to the intensely dark chocolate/coffee filling. The buttery crust is of course my favorite part of any pie/tart and this was no exception.


laurent gras - my provence ebook launch 2

Thanks again to Alta Editions for a lovely lunch and congrats on the first edition of the digital cookbook. Cheers to many more to come!

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