Witch Finger Grapes: spooky fruit

witch finger grapes

Dear Food Diary:
Passing through Grand Central Market last night, these dark little things caught my eye. Sitting right next to champagne grapes, trying hard to blend in, unsuccessfully. Upon closer inspection, I was spooked and intrigued at the same time. Witch Finger grapes, what a suitable name!

(Insert witch voice and fingers calling me) “go ahead, try one chubby girl, try one… woah ha ha“…

witch finger grapes 2
These would be awesome for Halloween, to scare small children or even for a “magic” trick ?! If you have a kid who doesn’t like fruits, this might be a good idea! (…or not, it could work either way actually…).

Just holding them felt odd and a certain cringe came over me, though quite “cool”, like those unique shaped watermelons in Japan!

witch finger grapes 3
Upon further inspection, they are pretty much like regular red seedless grapes. The taste wasn’t too far off, juicy and very sweet, but the skin was a bit milder and thinner. At $7.99/lb I was expecting some spectacular new “grape” flavor and what not… just end up feeling like a damn fool. The only thing spooky was the price! Yes, I am a sucker sometimes, but hey! at least it makes an interesting post right?! (Please say yes).