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Dear Food Diary:
The folks at Hello Fresh recently sent over a complimentary box of recipes and ingredients for me to try. The delivery came with everything I needed for each recipe. No measuring involved, which was great for a freestyle cook like myself. I tried 3 recipes during the week (Thai curry chicken, chicken quinoa salad and salmon), by the 4th day, I went home wishing for more.

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If you’re tired of take out and would love to cook, but don’t know where to start, this might be your answer.

hello fresh
The box arrived with 3 recipes. All the veggies, proteins, herbs, grains and condiments. Pretty sweet. Every recipe is quite balanced. Plus there’s just the right amount of every ingredient so there’s no waste. I love this, since I mostly cook for one or two and hate having to throw away what I didn’t use for a particular recipe, which happens quite often.



Hello Fresh - Thai Red Curry with Chicken and Toasted Cashews RECIPE
This was the first recipe I tried. It was pretty easy to follow the illustrated steps. It took about 20-25 minutes in total.

thai red curry with chicken 2
And voila! My first time making basmati rice, it came out nice and fluffy. The chicken and sweet potato were a hint sweet and creamy with the coconut milk. The red curry was very mild. Toasted the cashews that added that awesome nutty crunch. The cilantro completed the dish beautifully with a bright finish. The portions were enough for StalkerBoy and I, plus lunch the next day.



Hello Fresh - Quinoa salad with roasted vegetalbes and chicken RECIPE

quinoa salad with roasted vegetables and chicken
I’ve always liked quinoa but never made it at home. This was great since there was a good amount of chicken and roasted veggies. It tasted really simple, healthy and filling. The toasted almonds were a good compliment. Plus the much needed acidity from the lime. I’ll definitely make this again. 



Hello Fresh - seared salmon RECIPE
This was the most complex out of the 3. There were a couple more steps than usual. But the result was well worth it.

Salmon with tomato sauce
The mashed potatoes had shallots, olives and chives. Really nice side dish. The tomato dressing on top was probably more “rustic” here, since our kitchen appliances were limited. It probably would of been better going through a blender, but I kinda liked it chunky as well. It added sweet and tart flavors to the dish.

Hello Fresh’s concept works great for single people in the city or couples. The portions are very generous, I’d say enough for 3, though they were meant for two. Overall I really enjoyed having meals “planned” for me. It was a lot easier to come home and know what to make. Plus, I knew they were healthy for the most part.


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