MAISON KAYSER nyc: From Paris with love

MAISON KAYSER nyc: From Paris with love

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Dear Food Diary:
Eric Kayser brought an edible postcard of Paris to the Upper East Side. Maison Kayser is a warm, neighborhood bread shop, bakery and cafe, much like the ones you’d encounter in the city of love. I’ve willingly overspent my carb limits there with many many happy memories.

This man, like many of his fellow French men, use one of the most basic of ingredients – flour, and turn it into love. The result are the best almond chocolate croissant I’ve had in the Big Apple, amazing tarts and bread that make you forget all other food groups.

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maison kayser croissants
The enticing aromas of butter and sugar lure you in. Be ware, it’ll be hard to resist ordering absolutely everything! Before we even sat down for dinner, I bought some goodies to take home. The almond chocolate croissant is worth stocking up on.

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As you enter the cafe part, it’s nice and casual. Simple decor, warm and inviting. Friendly service.

maison kayser breads
A basket of traditional French bread. Crusty on the outside, soft and bouncy on the inside. With nuts and fruits, whole wheat too.

maison kayser charcuterie
I couldn’t resist the Charcuterie to go along with the amazing bread! Your usual cured meats, nothing unexpected, but did I mention how fantastic the bread was!?

maison kayser french onion soup
Calories aren’t counted when it comes to French Onion Soup. My total weak spot. Their version is totally worth it. Ideal for a cold winter day. It’s definitely a snuggie in a kayser french onion soup 2
That melted gruyere cheese… ohhhhh sooo sexy. A generously thick layer of stringy goodness. Soft with that slight pull and chew, flavored by the onion and broth. Bread that soaked enough liquid to puff up and dissolve in one bite. Yes, I would definitely go back for it again and again.

My friend had a nice Chicken and orange salad with pine nuts and shaved fennels that was pretty decent.

maison kayser lemon tart
For dessert, I refused to share my Lemon Tart. The perfect balance of sweet and that zesty tartness. Refreshing yet buttery. Crumbly and creamy. Oh, the sweet contradictions. I can’t wait to go back and try everything.

maison kayser latte
Of course, dessert wouldn’t be complete without latte or tea.

The next morning…
maison kayser chocolate almond croissant and financier
Along with my Nespresso latte, I had their Financier and Almond Chocolate Croissant. The financier was good, nice crust on the outside and soft/spongy within. Nice and moist. But that croissant, stole my heart. It’s crunchy and flaky with layers upon layers of butter crispy goodness holding a soft dark chocolate center. The almond flavor was absolutely perfect. The waiter assured my luck that day, ‘cuz these puppies usually sell out!

Overall, I thought the meal was good. The food is pretty decent, but the bread and pastries are the real stars. Weather you’re sitting down or taking treats home, Maison Kayser is worth a visit.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4
1294 3rd Ave (74th st)
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