50 Days of Summer in Japan

50 Days of Summer in Japan

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Dear Food Diary:
Last Friday I said sayonara to my job of 10+ years and started this much needed sabbatical. To recharge, travel and of course blog for a living (sorta).

I’ve been craving this time off, with no definite plan of where I would end up. Only that I wanted to travel and spend some quality time with my family. But, right after I handed in my resignation letter, everything just fell into place. StalkerBoy got sent to Tokyo for work and it was the perfect opportunity to tag along (free housing) for 50 days.

Here are my days as a full time blogger…

Last time I was in Japan (5 years ago ), I only had 6 days, mostly spent underneath sakura, breathtaking cherry blossom trees. This time around I have 50 days of summer. Therefore, no rush, just enjoy life and go with the flow. Experience life as a “local”, go to markets, cook, soak at an onsen, try new restaurants, travel within Japan…

 Ahihabara & Ramen
 Cooking lunch. Kuroge-Wagyu Beef 黒毛和牛
 Yushi Bar Yasuda
 Tsukiji Fish Market with Sushi Chef Yasuda
 Tsukiji Kimuraya Bakery Red Bean Anpan
 Eel Yakitori and refused service at Memory Lane (Piss Alley)
• NanXiang Xiao Long Bao in Roppongi Hills
 Mentaiko Pasta (Spicy Cod Roe) & Kite Museum
Panda Donuts from Siretoco 
 Shinn Uguisu Tei – Traditional Japanese Sweets Shop
 Ecute Ueno Station: Rice Bento & Whole Grape Jelly
• Panda Sweets & Eats Galore
 Sasanoyuki – 11 Course Tofu Tasting & Ueno Park
 Suzuya – Tonkatsu Cyazuke (sizzling fried pork cutlet rice in tea)
 Shinyokohama Ramen Museum
 Perchoir Mochi Mont Blanc & Tokyo Imperial Palace
 Conveyor Belt Sushi (my first time)
 First tempura lunch at Tempura Hisago
 Botejyu Okonomiyaki & Matcha Coffee Jelly Affogato
 Fresh Handmade Soba & Peanut Tofu at Tofuro
 Origami Museum & Broiled Mackerel
 Old Time Wagashi by the Kanda Shrine
 Kitchen Tachikichi – Aged Beef, Anchovy Fries & The Best Pork Fat I’ve Had in My Life
 Kawagoe – A day trip to the Edo Period
 Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri – Summer Street Festival
 Tempura Tsunahachi  – Yummy Uni and other Tempura at great prices
 Tsukiji Restaurant Gen-Chan with awesome raw fish, shrimp and egg bowls
 Ghibli Museum – Totoro Animation Fantasy Land
 Sushi Sho – Tokyo’s Best Sushi by Chef who dissed the Michelin man
 Tsujida in Awajicho – Best miso ramen
 Mitama Matsuri Festival – 30,000 lanterns and food stalls
• Hiking Mt. Nabewari – from Udon to Ramen
 Asakusa – temple, ramen, snacks and souvenirs
• Tori tama – no limit chicken tasting. Sashimi and unformed egg
• Curry House Coco & Ginnoan Black Taiyaki 

 Nijo Market & Moerenuma Park by Noguchi
 Shogetsu Grand Hotel: Seasonal Menu & Hot Spring


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This was taken during my last trip. An overnight stay in Hakone, where we relaxed in their onsen and enjoyed delightful dishes, brought to our tatami room.