Boulud Sud: Grapefruit Givre is the perfect summer dessert

Boulud Sud: Grapefruit Givre is the perfect summer dessert

boulud sud

Dear Food Diary:
The night before StalkerBoy left for Tokyo, we celebrated his new adventures with dinner at Boulud Sud. He originally was planning to pack, but somehow we found ourselves sans reservation, sitting at their cafe (same menu).

Way back when we first started dating, he had taken me to Daniel, we found it underwhelming. But this is Daniel’s take on Mediterranean cuisine and we figured it was worth a try.

boulud sud - cafe bar area
Sitting in the cafe was a lot more relaxed and casual. The warm sun called for a glass of  fruity rose.

boulud sud - bread selection and olive oil
Alluring breads to start the meal. Focaccia with rosemary and an olive loaf. Both were fantastic, we had seconds. And what would Mediterranean cuisine be without fine olive oil. I loved the detail of crushed garlic and rosemary on the bottom of the dish while the waiter poured the smooth oil table side.

The menu is divided by Sea, Garden and Farm. Each with small plates to share, appetizers, main and sides.

boulud sud - sea urchin and crab tartine
Sea Urchin & Crab Tartine
Sitting on top of a seaweed rye bread, the crab and uni were accompanied by green olives and a lemon cream. It was ok, but not worth $5 a piece. The crab was a bit watery for some reason, not in a plump succulent way, plus it drenched everything else. I’ve definitely had better uni on toast.


boulud sud - suckling pig
Rottmund Farm Suckling Pig
Wild garlic polenta with morels and snap peas. I was a happy chubby girl. Tender with crunchy skin. It has just the right amount of lean meat vs fat. Moist and aromatic. Morels were so flavorful and fragrant, it added that earthy umami. Sweet tender snap peas and hits of garlic in creamy form brought it all together.


boulud sud - lamb
Spiced Niman Ranch Lamb
StalkerBoy loved his lamb. Perfectly cooked, it was tender and to his liking. M‘hamsa, algerian eggplant and tzatziki in fancy form. I could only take his word for it, since I don’t like to lamb (except for the time we were in Istanbul).


Now, to my favorite part of this meal, their famous grapefruit dessert. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a summer dinner.

boulud sud - grapefruit givre
Grapefruit Givre 

With sesame halva, rose loukoum and grapefruit sorbet. There’s halva hair, which sorta looks like cotton candy strings on top of a creme brulee like tuile sugar crust. Once you break in, a splash of brightness from the citrus fruit greets your palate. Different textures of chewy and crunchy. Creamy and cold. The rose is subtle but definitely noticeable.

boulud sud - grapefruit givre inside
I’ve never had anything like this. It’s so perfect for summer. Not too sweet, light and refreshing. I’ll be back just for this.

Check out how this Turkish Delight is made:


boulud sud - caffe estratto
Caffe Estratto
Sunflower seed feuilletine, chocolate mouse, soft almond biscuit and dolce gelato. A good dessert but not memorable. Chocolate and nuts is sort of a no brainer when it comes to pairing and this was a good rendition for sure. But nothing like the grapefruit givre.

Overall we both really enjoyed our meal. Service was friendly and attentive.

P.S. Chubby’s Rating:chubby rating 4
20 West 64th St.
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