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The Plaza Food Hall: Poor quality control. Where’s Todd?

Dear Food Diary:
On one of our first dates, StalkerBoy took me to The Plaza Food Hall after a movie at the Paris theater. It was a memorable night, not food wise, but because it was April Fool’s day and I made a pretty mean (funny to me and only me apparently) joke on him (glad he’s still around).

A year later, we went back. And while I could hold my thoughts about mediocre over priced food for the night in the name of “reminiscing” (yes, this Chubby is a romantic at heart), I couldn’t overlook the poor quality control that was happening right in front of us. I was glad this was an open kitchen, actually more like thankful! But even so, the lack of passion for the food was obvious to the point  where I lost my appetite, which wasn’t really missing out on much anyways…

Social Eatz: Familiar flavors with a twist (CLOSED 3/1/13)

social eatz 1

Dear Food Diary:
I’m a big fan of Top Chef and naturally followed chef Angelo Sosa’s season. His American-Korean inspired joint Social Eatz was on my list of casual places to eat at and finally made it there a while back. ( A bit behind on my posts, *sigh*)

Ma Peche: Revisited… Regular Menu this time

ma peche 0
Dear Food Diary:
During my last visit they were still serving the preview menu at $10, a definite steal when it comes to anything David Chang related. I pinched myself and yes, it was too good to be true. Now lets check out the new regular menu.

OBAO: Asian Fusion done right

obao 14
Dear Food Diary:
I’ve never been a fan of Asian Fusion, mainly because prettier plate and nicer ambiance equals a bigger bill at the end. I stick to the pure, if I crave a certain cuisine, I go to such restaurant and period. First visit to OBao and I was proven wrong. Mixing Asian flavors is a tasteful idea and it left me wanting more.

JUST IN: The Chubby Chinese Girl will remain on Cer Te’s menu as a Thursday Special!

I went in to order my own sandwich the other day. Friendly workers at Cer Te stopped by to say hello, they were amused I showed up for a late lunch and giggled at the name of the blog/sandwich =)