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Mission Chinese Food NYC: “things that make you go hmmm”!? (CLOSED)

Mission Chinese Food NYC 6

Dear Food Diary:
A couple days ago, Underground Dining and I tried the new “chinese food” joint in town. Their SF restaurant has great reviews, so as you can imagine, it was all the buzz when they landed in NYC. I love the food of my peoples and I’m always open to unique and creative twists to classics, but somehow, Arsenio Hall (I’m dating myself, oh well…) took over me while walking out of dinner … “things dishes that make you go hmmm“!?

Peking Duck House: Chinese New Year Lunch

peking duck house 1
Dear Diary:
For Chinese New Year this year, my coworkers and I decided to wear red and have a Peking duck feast for lunch. We went to the Midtown East location of Peking Duck House, closer to work (food is identical to the Chinatown one). I was anticipating this meal, after all, peking duck is one of my favorite ways to eat duck and the inspiration of my ChubbyChineseGirl sandwich.

[FLUSHING] New World Mall Food Court: Fire and Icy

new world mall in flushing - food court
Dear Food Diary:
The doors of Flushing’s New World Mall are like a gate at the airport. The minute you take your flight down the stairs, you’ve arrived in Mainland, this could be any given food court throughout China. From the lights, sounds, smell and people, the 7 train has never transported you this far for a mere subway fare.

Chubby on the Daily News

Dear Food Diary:
Main St. Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet has been my favorite Taiwanese place for years! Here’s my post from a couple years ago. The great thing about this place is consistency. I always know I’ll get an amazing meal. Same quality and the flavors from chef/owner Lin.

So when Patty Lee from the Daily News contacted me and asked me to show her my favorite dishes, I was more than delighted to share a yummy meal with her. 

Chinese New Year in Chinatown: Dim Sum at Ping’s, Karaoke, Bubble Tea, and Dinner

Dear Food Diary:
Kung Hei Fat Choy 恭喜發財!!! Happy and Prosperous year of the Rabbit!!!

If you’re planning to celebrate at the Annual Chinatown Luna New Year Parade and Festival this Sunday 6th (details here), you could make it a full day event of fun, food and more food in Chinatown. I guess minus the lion and dragon dances, this could be an itinerary for any day. 

MORNING: Dim Sum at Ping’s Restaurant
The festivities start at 11am, plenty of time to fill your tummy first. The best dim sum place in Chinatown is Ping’s Restaurant. My all time favorite and to go place for these tasty Hong Kong style “tapas”. It might be a little pricier and everything is smaller, but you honestly get what you pay for. Delicately made, authentic flavors and always consistent.