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Szechuan Gourmet: Lunch with “The 93 Plates Adventure”

Dear Food Diary:
First day back to work and I had lunch plans with Hagan from Wandering Foodie. The 93 Plates Adventure is his project for the month of January, 3 meals a day at an array of restaurants throughout the city (93 joints in total), shared with a different NYC food blogger each time. He’s disregarding his waistline and pursuing the adventure he envisioned *applause*, specially when most people’s new year resolution goes exactly the opposite direction.

Wo Hop & Gahm Mi Oak: Best After Drinking Eats

Dear Food Diary:
It’s the season to eat, drink and be merry. Actually, these are the rules I try to live by every day of the year… Cheers to that! Since NYE is hours away, I thought this post would come in handy.
After a long night of drinking and partying, the tummy always calls for something hearty and comforting before hitting the pillow. Aside from the Halal Guys on 53rd & 6 Av, these are my favorite places to visit late nights (I mean early mornings *wink*). The latest I’ve been to both places is past 4 a.m.

Sunrise Bakery & Cafe: Big Fluffy Baos

Dear Food Diary:
Last Sunday afternoon, I just happen to walk by Sunrise Bakery & Cafe, hunger struck so I went in for a quick bite, Steamed chicken bao and “yun yeung” (coffee, tea and milk). I wasn’t expecting much, same usual stuff from any HK bakery was what I had in mind, BUT I was tastefully surprised by what I found.

Main St. Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet: My favorite Taiwanese restaurant, worth a trip to Flushing

Dear Food Diary:
Flushing is filled with awesomely delicious and totally under rated joints. Locally savored chinese food and snacks brought overseas from a variety of regions of the mainland, plus an array of cheap eats from vietnamese, korean, to thai and malaysian, you name it, it’s got it, but over the years, only a handful of places have such great and consistent food that I revisit again and again, Main Street Imperial Taiwanese Gourmet is in that category. There’s at least 4 other taiwanese restaurants around the tiny perimeter of Main Street Flushing, this one is my favorite by far.

BO KY/ GRAND BO KY: best chinese noodle soup in Chinatown!!! (slurp’s on)

Dear Food Diary:

Whenever I’m craving a bowl of pipping hot and steaming goodness, I head to Bo Ky in Chinatown. Last night was one of those nights, after a couple days out of town, my tummy was demanding a big bowl of hot, soupy, homey, comforting, slurp till the last drop concoction that only my mama and Bo Ky could offer. Since chubby mama is on the other side of the world, Bo Ky was the next best thing.
It’s a no frills… no frills at all, family owned, real old school chinese noodle restaurant. I’ve been going there for almost a decade and faces haven’t really changed, the place hasn’t changed much (they added air condition!!! I was so happy about that!), the menu’s still the same, and most importantly the flavors have remained unaltered.