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Grom’s Croccantino (August flavor) is out of this world!

grom - croccantino

I love GROM, it’s no secret. They have the best gelato in this city. That love just deepened the first night of August when their new flavor of the month “Croccantino” hit my tastebuds! Wow, everything I loved about their Baccio (hazelnut and chocolate) gelato only magnified. Venezuelan “Ocumare” chocolate and crunchy hazelnut biscuits (like a brittle almost).

If you’ve never been there, this is a great time to try. I’ll be there a lot this month… =P

For location and other flavors visit 

MACARON CAFE: one of the worst macarons I’ve had in nyc


macaron cafe 1 

Around the office, my coworkers were buzzing about the salads and sandwiches at Macaron Cafe, so I had to go back and check it out.

While I would agree that the salads and sandwiches were good, the macarons were still as bad as I remembered.

NESPRESSO: around the world coffee experience with Padma Lakshmi (recipe included)

nespresso - invite with Padma Lakshmi

Dear Food Diary:

I’m no stranger to Nespresso and their events. When they launched the PIXIE machine, I was delighted to be given one and  use all the time. I’ve become such a big fan, that I’ve told all my friend and family to get one. Nothing like that aroma of coffee at home.

When I got the invite to travel the world of Nespresso last week, I packed my purse and off to their Soho Boutique Bar we went…

Caffe Bene: escape with a Misugaru drink in Times Square

caffe bene nyc (times square) 6caffe bene nyc (times square) 7

Dear Food Diary:
Tourist and locals can now take a breather while in Times Square and skip Starbucks (I love that idea). Caffe Bene, a korean chain opened its doors and introduced the masses to Misugaru and a Korean drama/soap like decor and ambiance. A little library/living room in the back, a little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city…

(This is my first Instagram photos only post, I find the mood and colors work well with coffee shop posts)

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain: Good o’ld fashioned sundaes

Dear Food Diary:
You can’t help but lit up when you arrive at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in Carroll Gardens. The corner space was an actual “pharmacy” back in the 20s! Everyone is a kid once you step into those door. Old Americana mixed with warm friendly people. Good o’ld fashioned sundaes and egg creams. A reminder of the good o’ld times, simple and sweet…