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OSTERIA MORINI: the underrated brunch

Osteria Morini

Dear Food Diary:
Brunch is big in New York City and getting a table for 6 is never an easy job, specially on a last minute notice. My favorite places were all booked up this past Saturday so I turned to Michael White’s Osteria Morini in Soho (after all, he was behind my favorite meal in 2010 – Marea). To my surprise, the place was empty at 11:30 am, by the time we left around 1:30 pm, it got full but not crowded. After our great Italian home-style family brunch, I was convinced, this is one of the underrated brunch spots in this city.

MAIALINO: molto bene Sunday supper

maialino 1

Dear Food Diary:
S and I started as co-workers and through these past 9 years we’ve become close friends. She since has moved on to bigger and better things. We both felt deprived of each others company, so we set a double date dinner a couple Sundays ago. I knew just the place this lady with the most contagious laugh and her sweet hubby would enjoy. We made reservations far in advance and met at the swanky Gramercy Park Hotel where Danny Meyer does Italian.

VIA QUADRONNO: Perfect Paninis, Cappuccinos and DYI Tiramisu after the Met

via quadronno 1

Dear Food Diary:
Finding a good place to eat around the Metropolitan Museum of Art has always been somewhat challenging. (Though I must say, the carts outside have become more gourmet).
alexander mcqueen at the met
Last Saturday, after the magnificent and breathtaking Alexander McQueen show, we wanted brunch, with the condition of a place that was walking distance (the 3 hr wait had drained us and we were hungry). Via Quadronno showed up on our iPhone searches. With the promise of brunch or at the very least, eggs of some sort.

MAREA: Cucina del Mare. 1 of my best meals 2010

marea menu
Dear Food Diary:
My last quarter of 2010 had very high highs and deep lows. With that came a cut down on blogging, which lead to falling behind on my posts. I did a food-retrospect today (through notes + photos) and Marea stood out as one of my best meals of last year. One I’ll definitely want to repeat in 2011. 

LINCOLN Ristorante: First Taste & Mario Batali

Dear Food Diary:
Walking by the newly renovated Lincoln Center, you’ll be delighted with illuminated steps, an outdoor seating under rows of well manicured trees and the new culinary child of the Patina Restaurant Group LINCOLN.
Entering the LINCOLN was like going to the Apple Store, only much warmer, quieter and opulent. As if the architect of the 5th Ave. Apple Store married some chic boutique designer from Aspen, who just happened to have grown up in a NYC penthouse.
Open, airy, elegant, modern, chic… in short, simply sexy. Someone wrote a piece pre-opening that I loved, can’t remember where I read it, but it said “If Woody Allen was to make the movie Manhattan today, a scene would surely be set here“.