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Enoteca Maria: Nonna’s cooking!!! Just hop on the Staten Island Ferry

Dear Food Diary:
I know what you’re thinking, all the way to Staten Island for food? Totally understand, I never thought I would say this either, but I truly found this gem a ferry ride away.
People who are lucky enough to have a Nonna (Italian for grandma) always brag about how great their meal was. I’ve always been jealous. Tried inviting myself to such dinners, unsuccessfully. But hey, their nonnas got nothing on me now, I found 6 nonnas who will cook for me any night of the week at Enoteca Maria… beat that! Love owner Joe’s concept of having a different nonna cook traditional, local dishes from family recipes each night. Every nonna is from a different region in Italy and everything is made fresh from scratch.

Motorino: Out with the old, in with the “delizioso” new!

Dear Food Diary:
When the dude from Una Pizza Napolitana left for the West Coast, pizza lovers all over were weeping over the thin crusted goodness. But fast forward a couple month, in comes Motorino and all our tears are wiped by an even better baked round dough+cheese+meat. Same oven, but better pizza if you ask me.

Mama Theresa’s: Eat and Shop ’til you drop in Long Island

Dear Food Diary:
I love shopping, and I love food, so getting both fixes in one day is a total indulgence, next to a day at the spa.

Century 21 Department Store use to be “NY’s Best Kept Secret”, this was 10 years ago, now, every tourist knows about it, it’s in every guide book, yada yada yada. The NYC store looks like a tornado just went by, with so many people in one store, I usually feel suffocated, that’s not a good way to shop. Thank goodness for Westbury, Long Island. This store is spacious, with high ceilings, good variety, organized, great price, but most importantly, less people! An inviting stroll down racks of Designer Brands at Walmart prices (ok, maybe not that cheap, but you get the idea).
After hours of shopping (my preferred exercise, hehe) I like to fill my tummy with an homey Italian meal at Mama Theresa’s, which is a couple steps away, both in the same complex. This is like a Combo, can’t go to one without the other.

Co.: unique and creative pies + Dewar’s Scotch Whisky Tasting Event

Dear Food Diary:
Met up with 2 girlfriends to catch up. The first place we picked didn’t seem to have AC, and even though the menu was awesome, we couldn’t bear with the heat and walked away, fortunately NYC is full of great places, and a few doors down, we found Co.
Communal tables, water in clear glass milk jars, super friendly waters and a inventive menu.

Basta Pasta: Japanese doing Italian


Dear Food Diary,

Being a true fan of Iron Chef, I just love the ambiance and concept of Basta Pasta. Open the door and enter a mini version of the infamous Kitchen Stadium. A squeeky clean open kitchen, with steel appliances, pots and pans of all sizes and shapes, condiments, fresh ingredients and chef and su chefs in white working away like bumble bees. There’s no battle between chefs, but a mission to satisfy every diner, while a mix of apetizing aromas fill the space.