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Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival 2012 Recap

Atlantic City Food & Wine 2012
Atlantic City Food & Wine 2012 2
Dear Food Diary:

Last weekend I was invited by Caesar Entertaintment to attend their annual Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival. Unlike last year, I didn’t have any “work“. The 2 days included eating, drinking, tweeting and some fun playing slots.

I couldn’t make it Friday night to hang out with  my foodie hero Andrew Zimmern, but finally meeting the man who taught me more than just to “boil water” aka hottie Tyler Florence was pretty sweet.

Scharffen Berger Chocolate and Wine Pairing while sailing on the Hudson

scharffern berger and manhattan by sail sunset

Dear Food Diary:
A couple weeks ago Scharffen Berger invited us to a wine & chocolate tasting cruise along the Hudson River.  The Statue of liberty and a glorious sunset in the background, wine and chocolate at hand, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an early Saturday evening. You can replicate this experience yourself with Manhattan by Sail . They offers these 2 hour trips daily, plus you can bring your own wine, chocolate and cheese!

This is a great idea if you want to impress that special someone…

NESPRESSO: around the world coffee experience with Padma Lakshmi (recipe included)

nespresso - invite with Padma Lakshmi

Dear Food Diary:

I’m no stranger to Nespresso and their events. When they launched the PIXIE machine, I was delighted to be given one and  use all the time. I’ve become such a big fan, that I’ve told all my friend and family to get one. Nothing like that aroma of coffee at home.

When I got the invite to travel the world of Nespresso last week, I packed my purse and off to their Soho Boutique Bar we went…

[RECIPE] Easy Grilling: Korean Pork Belly at home

korean grilling at home 1
korean grilling at home 2

Dear Food Diary:
For the love of pork belly, my friend C invited us over to her new bachelorette pad for an korean style BBQ night.

This is really the easiest “recipe” ever! All you need is a good indoor BBQ grill, kimchi and pork belly! All these are easy to find in Korean supermarkets (we went to H Mart which also has online shopping).

Cookies for Santa

Fairway cookies for santa 2
Dear Food Diary:
I’m not quite sure if I’ve been naughty or nice this year, so I’m just gonna play it safe and leave some really yummy artisanal cookies for Santa, he won’t be able to resist and I don’t have to spend a fortune (these Fairway cookies were only $7.99 a pound). Win, win.