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Mami PG’s Cooking: Delivering homemade Penang style lunch boxes

mami pg cooking 1

Dear Food Diary:
2 weeks ago, I read about Mami PG’s Cooking on Midtown Lunch. A family business run by Malaysian freelance journalist Nani Yusof Hughie. She cooks up authentic Penang dishes and delivers them lunch box style to the Malaysian deprived midtown lunch crowd. The Nasi Lemak lunch was only $7! Yes please!

Smorgasburg at Whole Foods Market Bowery

Smorgasburg-whole foods-logo

Dear Food Diary:
Whole Foods Bowery is bringing Smorgasburg to the city. “Smorgasburg Bowery” features one vendor at a time on their 2nd floor. The line up looks pretty sweet so far, I can’t wait to see some of my faves join the list.

Yogi Korean Tacos cart in midtown

Dear Food Diary:
I was pleasantly surprised to see this cart at the corner of 47th and 3rd ave yesterday . I love Korilla, but the truck is hardly around Midtown East and when it is, the line is insane (for good reason). Yogi on the other hand is a cart, there “permanently” during lunch time (for now at least).

ICY TASTE-OFF: Wooly’s vs Shaved Ice Shop

woolys vs shaved ice shop 2
Dear Food Diary:
Shaved ice or BaoBing (in chinese) is one of my favorite treats during hot summer days. Until recent years, shaved ice was mostly found in Flushing. In chinatown my spot was UiUi, but while their toppings are super Taiwanese and traditional (which I love), the ice is too rocky in texture. Now that the city has been served proper shaved ice, I’m glad to report that I’ve finally found the perfect fluffy snow ice. Here’s the taste-off of the two shaved ices “stands”:

SMORGASBURG: Yummy Saturday with a view

smorgasburg 1
Dear Food Diary:
Last Saturday, I woke up with an unexplainable urge for lobster roll, a fresh buttery one from Red Hook Lobster Pound to be exact. I couldn’t fight off a craving this strong, so I tracked them down online/phone call (crazy I know) and found them at Smorgasburg at the Williamsburg waterfront. Killed two birds at once, since I’ve been wanting to check it out since May.