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Cocina Economica: Home-style Mexican on the UWS (CLOSED)

cocina economica

Dear Food Diary:
I was shocked when Recipe – one of my favorite brunch spots on the UWS closed last year. Shorty after, Cocina Economica’s sign was up. I wasn’t amused. Why close a great place beloved by so many?

Word in the barrio was that chef/owner David Bank was so impressed with his Sous Chef Pedro’s home-style Mexican meals (cooked for staff) – he wanted to showcase it. Changing everything from name to decor.

Lucky for us, we get to try a really different take on Mexican food.

Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg

ramen burger line at smorgasburg

Dear Food Diary:
Even though I was absent all summer, NY’s new food obsessions traveled all the way across the globe. From the cronut to ramen burger, I couldn’t wait to get back and try them all.

I spent a good chunk of last Saturday at Smorgasburg‘s Ramen Burger line… and I GOT THE LAST ONE! Only a limited amount is served each Sat.

Kobeyaki: Decent sushi rolls for a quick meal

kobeyaki 1

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbled upon Kobeyaki the other night after kickboxing class. StalkerBoy wanted ramen and I was craving sushi, something quick and casual. Kobeyaki fit that bill, think modern Japanese/fusion style fast food joint.

ATERA: chef + forager + mad scientist + artist

Atera 1

Dear Food Diary:
For StalkerBoy’s birthday this year, I wanted to surprise him with a little more than just a “nice” meal. I was aiming for that ecstatic moment when you’re ripping the wrapping paper of a gift, only with every dish and each bite (which would save me on an actual gift! LOL). Atera’s concept of “foraged-food” (the first in NY) fit to a tee. I was only able to snatch a reservation on Friday the 13th (“lucky” us).

Foraging is a new movement adapted by many young chefs. At Atera, chef  Matt Lightner brings nature to our plates through modern cooking techniques. Think man in the wild with the heart of a mad scientist, the sense of a creative artist, in an impeccable kitchen, serving up surprises, one after the other.

Nothing was what it seemed…

Riverpark: Farm in the city to table with a view


Dear Food Diary:
When Riverpark first opened, I gathered my chicas and went for dinner. The space is a little hard to find, add to that a stormy night and it almost seemed impossible. The gps on my phone wasn’t showing it correctly and the cabby suggesting crossing the East River!!! We somehow found our way into the restaurant, tucked inside a spacious window covered building. Dinner was good but it didn’t blow us away… however…

Fast forward to a contrasting sunny day, month later… Glorious blue and white sky. A quiet view of the East River, relaxing and pleasantly chill. An amazing Brunch, plus a sneak peak at their innovative farm in the city. Naturally it moved up to be one of my new favorite brunch places in the city.