Dear Food Diary:
Had a BBQ over the weekend with a couple good friends and fellow foodies. I stopped by the farmer’s market last week, and picked up a couple sweet summer corn, 5 for $2, you can’t beat that.

I’ve always loved Cafe Habana’s Grilled Mexican Corn, so this was my attempt to recreate it at home. I’m not one who measures, just eyeball everything… more of a freestyle cook. I couldn’t find Cotija Cheese at my local supermarket, but fortunately my friend found it at her nearby Mexican grocery shop.
• Corn • Cotija Cheese • Cayenne Pepper • Mayonnaise • Lime
1. Soak the corn in water for about 5 minutes.
2. Grill corn throughly on all sides, I prefer more smokiness, so I let a couple kernels burn a little bit. (That’s how Cafe Habana’s is)
3. In a cup or bowl, break the cotija cheese crumbles and mix it with mayonnaise, not too thick or too runny, but look for a spreadable consistency.
4. Right off the grill, cover the hot corn with the cotija cheese and mayo mixture, and let it melt.
5. Sprinkle cayenne pepper to taste.
6. Cut lime into wedges and squeeze onto corn right before eating.
It’s a little messy, but who cares! pick it up and enjoy!
Here is the result:
The corn was fresh and sweet as candy, there was flavor from the grill. The cheese and mayo mixture was salty and creamy, the cayenne pepper gave it a kick and the splash of lime made you taste sweet, savory, spicy and sour all at once! Perfect!!!
Although it came out really really yummy, it wasn’t Cafe Habana level yet, I’m thinking maybe changing the Mayonnaise for Mexican Crema Fresca might do the trick.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING: