Sara Snacker’s Chipn’etzel: Potato Chips + Pretzel in a Cookie!?

Dear Food Diary:
The folks at Sara Snacker were nice enough to send over their Original Potato Chip and Pretzel Cookies, trust me, when I first read the cute label, I said *huh?*, just like you must be right now. These aren’t things you usually picture together in one bite. I mean on their own, very popular snacks/junk food, but baked together and then dipped in chocolate?
But boy was I in for a surprise!
Think shortbread, but not as dense and more crumbly, perfectly buttery, plus tiny pieces of salty pretzels, and a hint of potato chips, covered in dark chocolate. It’s sweet and salty (but not overly of either, just the right balance), then crunchiness pops out here and there, a semi sweet chocolate melts in your mouth (I personally loved the dark chocolate over white, but I don’t like white chocolate in general so that’s very subjective). I like how she covered half, so it wasn’t overwhelming. I’m actually eating them as I type, yum!
It’s a very unique cookie idea, but I would of liked a little more Potato Chips, I wonder if it melted in the baking?… I thought they were very yummy, but a couple more pieces of chips and pretzel would be even better. Maybe in the future, add some Jalepeno chips? or Black Pepper to give it a kick? I think that would make it even more awesomely addictive.
They’re selling them at the Amish Market near me, and since these were “complimentary”, but honestly, I would totally buy the dark chocolate ones again and again (suggested price is $4.99). I’m actually picking up some for my friends Wine and Champagne Party this Sunday. They feel like they were done by hand, with a lot joy and love, small batches made from scratch. No cookie cutter here.
Sara, the CEO and owner of Sara Snacker has a sweet story of her own, she was a high ranked tv executive producer in LaLa Land before she moved back to the Big Apple in pursue of her long time cookie passion/obsession. I *heart* these kinds of stories, these are people who put so much of themselves into every box you buy.
P.S. Chubby’s RATING:
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